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I will have these ready next week, a lot of guys have pm'd me to have these produced. The first run is where I expected them cost wise and this will cover my expenses and time designing and making ready for printing. If your interested in these contact me through PM and I can provide a price and how we can get them to you.

Here is the example of the first run of labels, if there is enough interest, and these move quickly, I'll look at updating the layout and choices based on the feedback from the sim community,

These are small only .260" tall x .600" wide, the lettering "BRAKE + - lettering is proportionate and slightly taller due to the plus and minus. They have a slight black back round around the perimeter so I could have them a simple peel and stick and they will hide well on most wheels as they are black in color. The other colored labels will have a slight white boarder to contrast the label. They are printed on white high performance vinyl and will contour to well to the textured wheels. you may have to use a hair dryer once placed to get them warm and press fully into the texture wheels like the Fanatec GT BMW wheel.

I'll provide installation instructions. These are pretty tacky so place them where you want them, they will be difficult to re-position once placed. Hope you like the idea and find them useful? These look really sweet once on the wheel, it just makes it more realistic and custom IMHO.

Sim Button Labels 1 sheet V4.pdf

Sim Buttons from Sceen.JPG

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Okay so I have the wheel labels ready to go. They came out as I expected, which is extremely well. These look amazing and are a great compliment to the realism. I have tested these on a variety of surfaces and did not have any issues with not sticking. They adhere extremely well to the Fanatec BMW wheel as you can see here. If you're interested PM me and I'll provide a quote per sheet.







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I recently purchased some of these button  labels from Nunzio and they are absolutely perfect. I just recently got into sim racing. I went out and bought a CSW V2, BMW GT2 wheel and 2 DSD CSW button boxes. I wasn't sure if I would need or even use all the buttons but I figured I might as well be prepared. Plus that combination just looks really cool and I have plans for more wheels in the future.

Being that I like to drive around 5+ sims and a few flight sims. I decided I would try to assign all buttons in the same location across all sims. Most sims have close to the same features and functions with the goal being I can drive any car in any sim and the buttons would be in the same place across the board.

 Mission accomplished...for the most part. The only issue that remaind was memorizing where everything was. That's where these button labels from Nunzio really come in to save the day. I just started placing some of the labels down and I have to say the quality is top notch.

 They're very easy to work with. They stick well and they look great. They don't look or feel like homade labels..they don't look generic either. They're definitely a high end hand made product... period!! 

 The sheets of labels have a wide verity of options to choose from for all your on the fly adjustments and needs. I'd say if your sim racing at all these would work great for you on your wheel. I'd say if your driving multiple sims and have button boxes these labels are a must...a must!!! 

I wanna thank Nunzio for taking the time to create these and offer them to the sim racing community. I found theses labels while on the hunt for labels. Offerings for button lables are pretty much non existent witch seems crazy to me.

 I am very pleased with my experience doing business with Nunzio. I'm hoping to do more business with him as I'm planning on requesting some custom labels that weren't on the standard sheet. Thank you buddy!! 






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I made these for myself, on other forums there seemed to be quite an interest so.  I sold out of my first batch, but had 10 sets made of each color.


If anyone is interested in these to add a bit more realism to your wheel PM me. Or reach me at [email protected] use Subject Line: Sim Button Labels.

Each Sheet is 8.5" x 5.5" and available in white or yellow with black back ground.








Sim Button Labels W AND Y.pdf

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