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After installing the display and the encoders in my Ferrari Addon I decided to make a big mod this steering wheel. Follows the finished project:

1) First Project



I decided to replace the original buttons with nkk buttons, identical to those used on the steering wheels of the F1 cars. I'll remove the pads and replace them with buttons. The pads are to be placed in front of the gear levers. I'm also going to apply carbon fiber film through hydrography.



The Bodnar D-Pads installed in new place.




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5 hours ago, ojlangnes said:

Amazing work.

Unfortunately your video is gone.

I want to replace all buttons and rotary switches on my F1 wheel and wonder if you could post where you bought the buttons and switches?

All buttons and switches are NKK  and were purchased from the Leo Bodnar site.

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On 5/3/2020 at 4:56 AM, vicsalt said:

Can you advise the brand of encoder you used, as they are nice and small


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