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RGS has sold. Now just a Wheel Stand pro V2 for sale.


http://wheelstandpro.com/products/wheel-stand-pro-for-thrustmaster-t300rs--tx--tmx-and-t150-racing-wheels---deluxe-v2  - $205 new shipped.  (179 + 26)

$100 + shipping sound all right?

Pickup/shipping from Minnesota, USA (55417)

Purchased in December. Selling as I am moving to an 80/20 rig.

I have the manuals and all hardware and included tools. I do not have the original packaging.  Shipping to be negotiated (pickup preferred of course).





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RGS sold and adding photos

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Sorry. Was busy building my 80/20 rig which now gives me much happiness and satisfaction.  It has not however, instantly transformed me into an alien driver. I suppose I will simply have to become better the hard way as originally planned.

I can give pictures if interested or so you can simply see that it is not, in fact, on fire.

Also, $270 is not the asking price. 

How about $150 plus negotiated shipping? 

It comes with all original hardware and tools (box and open wrench/spanner, appropriate allen keys, a complement of M6 screws for shifter and wheel hard mounting, pedal mounting goodies, et al)

This also comes with the square tubing for mounting a shifter to the pedal deck. So you could conceivably mount a sequential and an H-pattern - or even a combo of shifter and ebrake to this thing.

Thanks again.




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Would anyone be more interested if this was bundled with a TMX wheel & pedal set?  Maybe you know somebody on the fence about entering the sim world?  Just feeling things out.  Also, apparently too lazy to put this on ebay at the moment.

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$150 for the stand plus negotiated shipping. 

I was thinking $300 for the combo plus shipping if I were to sell them together.  

The TMX is the regular TMX set with the 2 pedals, that is to say it would not come with the T3PA pedals.  However it would come with the Ricmotech hard mount adapter for the TMX/T150: 


If anyone is reading this that has a TMX/T150 the adapter works fantastically. 

I'm not in any kind of rush to sell the TMX as it's treating me very well at the moment. However, $300 would take a good chunk out of the price of an upgrade to the TS-PC.

Full disclosure on the TMX pedals and the Wheel stand pro - I was not able to figure out how to hard mount them with the included hardware.  However, 4 velcro patches worked just fine for me.  A giant zip tie would have been even better.

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