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Thrustmaster TMX Problems

Hello, I have had problems with my Thrustmaster wheel when I got it on Christmas. I tried it on my dad’s pc it worked when I tried it on my Xbox One it worked. Than, later that day, I got home set it up to my computer, plugged it in downloaded drivers and followed instructions I proceeded to open American Truck Simulator and it didn’t work correctly, the dead zone was messed up and the force feedback feature was not working. So than I checked the control panel and it said it was a Thrustmaster FFB wheel when on the website it said its supposed to say TMX. I contented support they said to get a replacement or send it in and get it repaired so I got a replacement. We had to send the other one back so I did. I got the replacement and it is doing the same thing I followed all of the instructions even in there troubleshooting booklet please help thank you. Specs will be listed below photos.





i7-4790k @4.0ghz

2x Nvidia GTX 960's

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