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I just purchased this game (1/2/2017)   I have come across several issues with this game any help would be great .
first issue is trying to setup triple screen . My monitor size ( 3 x 43" ) . I read here and in other forums When in the pit lane if you  press the [Ctrl] and [=]  at the same time a triple screen adjustment app shows up , I am not able to get that app to pop up. So I can't get triple screen to line up properly. I tried the ini file and manually entered my measurements in meters . Here are my measurements in inches ( Screen width left to right not including bezel 37" Screen height 21" not including bezel , eye distance 33"  side angle 45 degrees , bezel gap 1" )

ViewParams=(0.9398, 0.5334, 0.8382, 1.143, 0.0254) // screen width (m), screen height (m), eye distance (m), side angle (deg), bezel gap (m)
LeftView=(0.9398, 0.5334, 0.8382, 1.143, 0.0254)
RightView=(0.9398, 0.5334, 0.8382, 1.143, 0.0254)
Second issue is with my Fanatec  CSW V2 . Wheel wobbles side to side when parked at pit stop and wheel feels dead at center only when I start to turn does the wheel come to life. If someone can share there in wheel and in game settings that would be great. Thank you for any help .

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Hi soups,


#1  Have you enabled MultiView in Video Settings menu?

#2  Check Minimum Force in Controller Settings.  Adjust it lower and see if it helps with the wobble when parked.  However to get more feel on center I usually have to increase Min Force.  I run a G27.

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