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WRC 6... No Camera Options Again

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Multi-USB wheel support has been restored with a recent update, so I decided to pick it up for 50% off this Steam Sale.

Can confirm my Wheel/Pedal setup works.  Shifter can be detected as button for handbrake (or sequential gear box), but can't detect as axis (analog) for handbrake.  Detects as 900 degrees, only needs minor tweaking of sensitivity.  FFB is still as poor as previous titles, but it's manageable.  Physics and stage design seem improved from previous titles, and damage to cars is still fairly well done.  But...

You still can't adjust the camera beyond their 5-step near/far settings.  In-car view seems worse than last year, even at it's 'closest' setting.  It feels too high up.  And I can't get close enough.  And no FOV adjustment at all.  And I can't get in to it enough to play with the hood view as a workaround.  It is unfortunate that they didn't address this, it's really the only reason I've now had a refund of my purchase processed.  I really wanted to try this.  I'd be perfectly happy with a casual (eg, not DiRT Rally/RBR "hardcore sim") game to race along it's "400+ km of stages: (that would be about 3x that of DiRT Rally).

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