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$800 dollars for upgrades

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Good morning,

I new to the site and would love to get some advice or feedback.  At this point I have been sim racing ( or playing racing games) for about a year and I really enjoy it. I am looking for more immersion.  I have a homemade Franken-Rig set up.

Wheel: G27 with shifter and inverted pedals 

PC: i5 6500, 6GB 1060, 8GB RAM, SSHD, ASUS Z170 MB 

Monitor: 32" TV

Games: Project Cars, Grid, Dirt Rally, Race Room Experience,  also looking to buy Assetto Corsa, and maybe setting up an iRacing account

I have around $800 dollars for upgrades and would like to know where I should spend the money.  Should I spend the money on a better wheel combo like a CSW  and Fanatec shifter or just stay with the G27 and spend the money on better optics like the Oculus rift or a used set of triples? 



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I want VR, But I am waiting for 2nd gen line, as I expect a better product, and may be lower cost. I am running Trips now.

I dont think I could do 1 screen,

I would spend it on better pedals, with enuff $$ left over for two used monitors?

I like your rig as well.

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