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Problem with reverse gear plug

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My name is Filip and i'm from Poland, so before you read this I want to apologize for my bad English.

I have a problem with my Logitech G25 Shifter. It starts about a half year ago, and shifter started to lose reverse gear - when i was choosing reverse i had 6th gear. It wasn't a big problem, so I played on... till it starts to lose all stripes (2th, 4th and 6th) gears! I take out this shifter and expand it, and i saw two wires were flattened - when i grab'em they just broke. Wasn't problem, but then... i wanted to check the reverse gear, and wires was screwed, but very close to a plug... so now i can't solder it!

I was searching for this plug, but i can't find it in any electric shop... any clues? Help, please.

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