FS : Conical Brake MOD for T500RS
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Hi Guys,

I have a couple of Brake Pedal Mod, the one seen on This Week Inside Sim Racing, September 2nd edition (24min). All Sim Racers who bought this little brake upgrade are very statisfied and the most important comments is about accuracy and brake feeling. Check my facebook page www.facebook.com/thebrakemod or visit my website at www.thebrakemod.com for more information or read comments. I receive excellent review for it everyday, please read the comments on my website.

It is easy to install it, you only have to screw the mod in the T500RS the realistic brake mod threaded socket and it's done. It will help you feel your T500 brake pedal progression and resistance like a real car as it become harder under your foot pressure. It helps to be more accurate on track, improve your lap time, avoid wheels lock and feel the pressure given to your brakes.

The price for this little upgrade is only CAD $17 + shipping.

I'm shipping worldwide the same day as I receive your order. Combine quantities is available on special request, just send your inquiries via email at [email protected]

Enjoy the new progressive feeling on your T500 pedal set.







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