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settings for G27 and shift 2

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Hi all sim racers

I have some troble getting G27 to work proberly in Shift 2, I have tryed use the setings shavn used in the nurburgring video, but that dont work for G27

Right now it feals like it has 1 sec lag :(

I use 360 rotation on my wheel.

If any of you could post your settings so i could just get something working

Thanks in advance

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My settings are:

FF 130%

Spring effect 0%

Damper effect 5 to 10%

Enable centering spring 0% but enable

Rotation 360º

Do not allow game to control settings, with that enable i almost don't have FF.

In the game i use all dead zones to 0 and sensivity at 80%

But this are my preferences, i see lots of people like to use less sensivity, i don't even know after disable the game to control settings if sensivity will work, but i will try different settings and report.

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