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Modified T300 pedals into custom PRO Pedals

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Hi Guys,


I wanted to share the pedals I recently modified from the T300. I was looking for a better option than the T300 pedals for 2 reasons, the first one is that the T300 are not the best and the second one because I have an F1 cockpit as a rig and the position I had them in was not the best. There are not many options in the market that could fit into my needs (price, customization, size) but the best one I found was the Real Gear GT pro pedals from Ricmotech but I have a PS4 at the moment and those work on PC only so that was out of the picture. I started looking for parts online and found similar ones to the Real Gear so I decided to modify my T300 pedals.

Here are some of the pictures:

The T300 pedals were very high so my feet could barely fit inside the cockpit and my legs would get tired very fast.


The main parts for the assmebly



Slave cylinder connected, completing the brake pedal assembly




Took apart the T300 to use the electronics (Potentiometers).






Used a small aluminum piece to hold each potentiometer



The final assembly



Brake MechanismIMG_8288.JPG


Here is a video on the pedals and the process:



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I was thinking of a pressure transducer to.  Would it connect to the side of the slave cylinder ?

Great build by the way.  Its given me some ideas about repurposing my DFGT pedals.

Ingenious way to get a more realistic feel without having to rewire the T300 pedals so they can still be plugged into the wheel base and used with a console. 

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Excellent video and project.  I have the same idea.  Was thinking maybe replacing the load cells with the potentiometers and just matching the pin out with the set of T3pa pros I have.  But I want to see if I can get more resistance on the throttle pedal.  But gotta do more research it will give me something to do while I travel to work. 

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