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Pedal Suggestions/RSeat Formula V2

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Any one out here have a suggestion for pedals with the RSeat Formula V2 Rig

I have a T500 RS set with load cel mod, but would really like to upgrade pedal set 

 Mounting suggestions would be useful


I am currently leaning HPP if they will work without too much modifications to mount





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While I cant really comment on the RSeat Formula rig I would suggest the rake of the pedals may be a little bit of a problem.

I have the HPP pedals and they are a great set of pedals with a huge amount of customability (is that a word?) I think you will have to drill to mount.  Each of the HPP pedals need to be bolted to the pedal deck, so thats 6 holes and six nuts and bolts, but that shouldnt be too much of a problem.  The biggest issue is you may not be able to get a comfortable angle for your pedals and I suspect the foot rest wont work.

Bear in mind this is only based on pictures I have seen of the RSeat.  If you consider the angle of the T500 pedals is about 60 deg (an estimate), when mounted to the pedal deck, the pedals will be almost vertical.  With the HPP pedals mounted on the pedal deck I would suspect , with the pedals angled as far back as possible (there is an amount of adjustability), the pedals would still be maybe 10 or 20 deg angled forward.

But I could have it very wrong.


Great set of pedals however and having the ability adjust the gap between the pedals allows for a lot of mounting options



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