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Trak Racer RS8 mach 5 review!

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Hi all, this is my first time doing a review like this. So sorry if it isn't the best, but I tried to get it right. 


Hi all, I am doing a review of the Trak Racer Mach 5 “latest model” 
So let’s start with my first impressions: 
o It is a solid build 
o Easy to assemble 
o Great packaging for delivery 
o Lovely looking rig. 

Okay so everything was packed well and covered upon delivery. Once opening the box I seen there wasn’t too many bits to assemble, great . Everything went a breeze until I wanted to hide the cables down the center 2” steel pipe. I ended up getting a bit of string with a weight on it and tying that to a cable and pulling it up. 



It took me around an hour to assemble the rig, which comes with all spanners and allen keys to build it. 

Wheels and Pedals 
I have tested this cockpit with: 
Bases Thrustmaster T300 Logitech g920 
T3pa T3pa pros Fanatec Csr Elite pedals Logitech pedals 

Both the bases hard mounted onto the rig very well, without issue. I know ISRTV reviewed the mach 4 and had issues with that, looks like the mach 5 solved this. 
The pedals went on the pedal plate no problem too. Although it suited the Logitech pedals more in my opinion (looks wise) 

The Trak Racer comes with a single monitor stand attached to the rig, which is optional. You can use this or take it off depending on your preference? I used this as I am rifting and like the clean look of it. The monitor is actually very sturdy and my rift sensor hardly moves at all when driving. I have never had any issues with it losing or moving tracking at all. I was very pleasantly surprised in how well it worked. You can adjust the height and also swivel the monitor if you like. 
The other pro I like about the rig is the size footprint, I don’t have a huge area and my wife complains about something big in the living room. The Trak Racer is around 1.4m long and 0.6m wide. Just to note I am 5 foot 11”, (1.b2eb59423fbf5fa39342041237025880.gif metres and have room to slide the seat back, or forward which is very smooth. 
The Pedal plate is very sturdy and I don’t get any flex with any of the pedals, I used on it. The pedal plate is adjustable, but only in 2 different positions. They can be angled like in the picture or flat, which I didn’t like so much. 
I have size 11 U.K feet, the side bars did not interfere with me pressing the pedals. This was an issue for the Mach 4; the mach 5 has moved the bars forward to adjust the problem with some pedals and feet sizes. 
The base plate can adjust up and down and the angle by, 4 different nuts. The base plate is again very solid and the adjustability will suit most racers. 
The seat, now I am mixed on this. It supports me in all the right places and can be adjusted with height and angle by switching around the 4 knobs holding it in place, with three different heights from front and back. The problem I am finding is it is a little hard on my bum. It is okay for a single 30-45 min race, but when doing an endurance race for 2-24 hours it becomes uncomfortable. I solved this by putting a pillow underneath it and using a lumber support and head rest for long periods. 

The cockpit itself, in my opinion looks one of the best on the market! You can get these in Chrome (like this one), Black, red and white. 


The gear shifter is again very solid, and can be mounted either on the left or right side. It can also be adjusted in two different heights, but can’t be moved forwards or backwards. 
Accessories: You can get a separate single monitor stand and a triple monitor stand. I have not tested these, but can be seen on the Trak Racer websites. 
In the very near future, there is a keyboard and mouse swivel arm, speaker mounts and a shaker mounting kit. 

My overall experience is you get a very, very sturdy rig that looks great and is compatible with most sim racing equipment. The price is very competitive too and the service is top notch and would highly recommend Trak Racer. 
The Trak Racer is distributed in the U.K, USA and Australia. I am sure they sell worldwide, but ask before making a purchase. 
Thank you, if you took the time reading my impressions and thoughts on the Trak Racer Mach 5! 

I have linked all the Trak Racer websites and if you use this code (TR5USDB) you can get 5% off on any of their websites. 

Also check out my Youtube video 

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Update, the rig has been great and used daily 3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif I have tried many different wheels and pedals on it now and can say they have done a good job. 

I am going to have the keyboard and mouse tray very soon, so expect a write up and video on it soon 3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif If anyone else has feedback on the rig, be nice to hear your thoughts too. 

Also they have brought a new rig to the scene, the Rs6!


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Hi David

I have seen your YT vids on this rig with good real world explanations ?.Quick question is how would you rate it for using the fanatec ps4 bundle(wheel/servo/pedals).I understand it to be the csl.FFB and weight etc flexing/movement on the rig.


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