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Nascar the Game 2011 - Towler gameplay video

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I liked some of the things I saw on the new gameplay video, others not so much. I don't know how many display options or difficulty settings are configurable, but here are my thoughts based solely on what I saw in the video.

I liked the little map at the bottom that shows your position related to the cars around you. This will be really helpful for those players that have trouble in traffic. However, I hope it can be turned off for those that want a more realistic racing experience.

I didn't like the Guitar Hero-ish splashes that pop up on the screen to tell you how far you drafted, clean pass, etc. Too gamey. This game-ish feature definitely retracts from the "sim" quality of the game. True sim racers don't want distractions on the screen like "NICE JOB! You drafted 500 yards!". Okay, that's great, but I'm not trying to see how far I can draft, I'm trying to win a race! Now, get your splashes out of my face so I can drive! LOL

I also did not like the visible draft airflow trailing off the cars in front of you. This is not realistic and, again, retracts from the "sim" quality of the game. I just seems like they have made more of a "game" rather than a "sim" to me. Maybe that's the point. Maybe they didn't want to create a sim at all. If that's the case, they may have hit their mark.

I hope that there is an in-car camera view. If not, I'm definitely out. I hate the "behind the car" camera. I wish games wouldn't even include it as an option. I don't know why, it drives me nuts when someone races with that view. This isn't Mario Cart, this is SIM RACING - get in the darn car already! Okay, sorry about that little rant. I just hope their are more driving camera views available.

If all those flashy options are configurable and can be turned off, that will help satisfy the more serious sim racers that don't want any help that a REAL driver wouldn't have when racing. If we're stuck with those gamey splashes and driving/drafting assists, it's not going to be a game that I will be all that interested in unless the physics, damage and graphics just blow me away. I've seen the graphics (in the video) and they were Okay but definitely not Forza 3 quality.

I think someone already mentioned how Towler was able to go from 42nd to 29th in just a few laps and the game seems too easy if that's the hardest setting. In response to that, Towler is, after all, the iRacing World Champion, so this doesn't automatically indicate to me the game will be too easy. I would expect Towler to be able to pwn the back-markers with ease in any Nascar race. That said, I hope there are some really good, configurable difficulty options.

I didn't see a replay feature either, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. If there is no replay feature, that's just unexcusable. How is any racer supposed to analyze his driving and get better without wathing replays? Not to mention, in Nascar games, watching the crashes in replay is almost as fun as driving. :-)

So, based on what I saw, this game is worth a rental to see what its all about, but I'm not too hopeful that it will hold my interest for long. I hope I'm completely wrong. I hated all the EA Nascar games and I was looking forward to having a Nascar game for the console that's more sim than game.

Admittedly, its hard to play any race sim on a console and not find flaws after playing Forza 2&3. Those games put console sim racing on the map, IMHO. If Forza only had a more organized multi-player system, it would be nearly perfect.

I hope I don't sound too negative or critical. I'm just offering my opinions and thoughts.

** Fanatec GT2 on the way in May! **

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i got this game this morning and the difficulty is very configurable, there is a inside the car view, 2 of them actually, the drafting airflow can be turned on and off, and i do believe that the posisitons of the cars can be turned off as well. their is a replay feature that allows you to rewind time like in grid or dirt if you mess up, and just again the difficulty is very customizable IMO and so far im enjoying this game very much (also when you win a race you get to do donuts and other crowd pleasing things to get extra exp :D ) i hoped this helped

oh i forgot to mention the damage seems to be pretty great IMO and graphics are also extremly good :D

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