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Summer Car Update

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The Summer Car DLC once again hoses up the settings for the Ferrari 158-F F1 car in Free Race Division setting of Legends of Grand Prix.It was already bad enough the Honda RA300 NEVER showed up at all in the mixed race grid but now the Ferrari also joins it as a non-playable car. Those dreams of FINALLY racing a 60's Ferrari against the Lotus  and the rest of the class are again disappointingly vaporized.To be sure, if you pick the Lotus the Ferrari shows up in the mixed grid but if you pick the Ferrari as your car just like the Honda only that car will fill the entire grid! The worst part is that when setting up the race ALL the 60's cars show up as selectable. COME ON Turn 10 FIX IT already!

As an aside, if you build a Ferrari 488 to GTLM Spec you can't race it there either. Only the 458 shows up to race. So much for the Ford Vs. Ferrari battle.

The 60's F1 cars are extremely difficult to drive and offer some of the closest and best racing in the game. Truly a shame you can't race them all!

Am I the only one who cares this happens????????

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The Nissan R91CP CAN be a winning car!

I had some time last night so I worked with this car to see if I could make it competitive. Yes, you CAN! It can actually be a race winner!

I can only speak for myself but it will really depend on how well you can drive a GTP car to make this car a winner. I played it on Free Race with Division setting on Prototypes. Level is Pro with no helpers on and 23 cars in the field and no mandatory pit stops. I used the Powertrain Mod for 7% Power and 3% Traction. Test tracks and races were on the modern Le Mans and Watkins Glen tracks.  I'm basically a masochistic racer and actually enjoy racing the 60's formula one cars and have mastered them. The tougher the drive, the more I like it! This car will test that.

 Here's the setup I used. I assume you've already upgraded the car to wider tires and added the mid range restrictor plate. This I believe gets to to P 987. I set tuning to:

Tires at 24 pounds of pressure all around. You want these tires to stick like glue when they get up to temperature and put the most tread on the ground.
Set the top slider for gearing to the left until you get it to 193.7. that's about a quarter to the right and set this to the last position it reads this. Yep. You're gonna' over rev this puppy at the top end.
Set Aero ALL the way to the LEFT. No, it won't matter to the handling. This is where I think it's broken.
Set Brake Bias to 60% front. You're going to need this for stable braking.

I tested at Le Mans and there was absolutely NO grip loss through the corners and it corners as fast as the Ferrari 333SP. Awesome cornering ability and exactly what I expected from this car. Mulsanne top speed was 205MPH and you WILL be in the tach red line but it will hold together. OK, not Peugeot 908  or Porsche 962 fast but good enough. I just plain ran out of gearing as I had guessed would happen. This car could really use a 6th gear!

The race!

Ten lap race. Car will start in the second row behind both Peugeot 908's. I used a rolling start. You will be passed by 5-6 cars before the first corner. Brake deep at the left hander and don't hit anything. By the time you hit Mulsanne you'll be in fourth place and the four cars in front of you will continue to pull away until you hit the top third of 5th gear and you'll start closing. DRAFT as much as you can! ALL of these cars are faster than you in a straight line. Here's where driving skill will play into it. You can brake later and deeper into the corners and corner much better than they can and you'll make up all your time in the Porsche Curves. When running down the straights run the center line and make your one move if a car tries to pass you. Yeah, that means block it but a single move makes it legal. I caught the lead Peugeot 908 at the Ford Chicane at the start of the pit straight and passed it on lap 3. This car will hound you the whole race and will never be more than 700 feet behind you the whole race. You will need fuel at the end of lap 7. It will NOT make it through lap 8. The bright spot is the 908 will also need to fuel so you'll pit together. You'll come out first and if you don't overdrive the car  and your driving is spot on you will win the race. Not by much but, you'll win it.

Also did a ten lapper at Watkins Glen with much the same results but didn't need to pit. You will make time on the uphill straight after turn 1 mainly because the other cars can't do the corners there at full throttle. You can. Again, the Peugeots both 908 and 905 will be all over you throughout the race.

This is not a run away easy winning car to drive but it is competitive if set up correctly and driven at its limits. Your driving skill becomes its limiting factor to win. Best of racing  luck and give this car another go.

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