New T500RS shutting off during calibration

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long story short. I bought a t300 used from amazon, couldn't get it to work and sent it back. Bought a t500rs instead, attached it to my desk with screws and was able to happily use it for a few days(without heavy use and the fans were always doing their job) then during a game the base turned off and stayed off. I tried all the USB's, removed all other hubs, tried with and without hubs, restarted, reinstalled drivers, read forums, searched on google and  tried out stuff again and again.

Then i tried another PC and both a Ps3 and Ps4 and couldn't get it work again that evening it happened. So i thought it was dead ...again!

So since it's dead within such a short time frame they allow me to send it back and get my money back.
BUT the next day after my PC and base were off for at least 12hours i started the pc and when i switched on the wheels power adapter(which i use for just one lamp also) the T500 came back to life and started calibrating! Now before ending its calibration and during the wheel turning all the way to one side(where it hits its limit) it turns off again! This is repeatable meaning everytime i power of my PC and restart it the base comes back to life but just for this short time frame.

I'm fed up with Thrustmaster. There is always some problem!

..i just wanna race! :(

Any ideas left or is it best to just accept it and send it back?

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I had a similar problem with my T300. Turned out to be the power cable not fully inserted in the wheel, the calibration movements caused minor disconnects and the wheel reset. Worth checking this out.



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do you mean inside the console or the dock where you insert the power cable? I tried reinserting the power cable a lot during testing the usb slots, but it didn't help.

I already packed it up anyways and gonna send it back tomorrow. I ordered a T300 GTE as a replacement ..again and got me clubsport pedals v2.

That would be two T300 and one T500 this month. One of these gotta work! -_-

Using a borrowed Drivingforce GT in combination with the CSP v2 actually does its job better than expected ^^

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Scarbelly, I feel your pain :? and can relate to the same thing (I hope you get it sorted?) 

I also "just wanted" to race/drive with it.. especially after a few days/weeks of error-seeking and no luck what ever I tried, the continuous unplugging/re-plugging of usb and power and restarting of xbox was the most taxing/frustrating  ...


(short summary of my problems below)

I also had real trouble with getting a wheel to work(in my case on the Xbox One), though I did pay full-price "for a new" TM TX-servo-base, and ended up getting my second "new" TM wheel.

But this time as a TX Integral Leather Edition(instead of servo-base), and the "second time" it worked straight away.. no fussing about!

My wheel was calibrating correctly from side to side, then dying away after a period of 15-20 seconds.. I have no Idea what caused it? but it was frustrating as H*** problem-solving/error-seeking what was wrong!

Every time I had to restart the Xbox One and all that power-cycling stuff that accompanies error seeking on the consoles... :?:shock:

But after a while of searching the net I ended up finding a forum-post on Forza of "exact similar issues", then I was a bit relieved, because "I was not the only one" with this type of failed connection-issue on the Xbox One.

maybe yours was related to the break-away cable but it could also be that powercable(It is dependant on both connections), many had that issue during calibration it stopping on failing and then all lights out,(but in my case it was not at all related to break-away cable)


Good luck! It's a good product when it works. :-)


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