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Wheel advice

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Hi all, new to the forum. 

Have owned a G25 for many years with much enjoyment. 

I don't get to play often but would say I'm fairly serious when I do. My PC is out of date now but does cope with project cars and iracing; it will be updated next year when funds permit - also I have an Xbox one but do prefer the PC.

My G25 seems to have given up the ghost and a fix seems a similar price to buying a new wheel. 

My thoughts are buy a Thrustmaster TMX and the Ricmotech adapter to use the G25 pedals with the TMX (not sure if the gear stick would work but could buy the Thrustmaster one at a later date).

or currently on Amazon the G920 is about the same price.

now the reviews all seem to put the TX and G920 against each other due to the price point so my initial thoughts are go for the G920 as it would be a better quality wheel; however when I look at the TMX working with my current G25 pedals and a thrusmaster shifter this potentially looks a better option. 

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Leo Bodnar makes a USB adapter that works with the G25 shifter on PC. For that matter, Leo Bodnar also sells a USB adapter for the Logitech pedals that increases the resolution, or smoothness, and let's you adjust deadzone and sensitivity within the firmware of the adapter, so it works in every game/sim that recognizes multiple USB devices. You'll be stuck with the Thrustmaster pedals on Xbox with that route though.

The TMX is not as good a wheel as the G920, plus the G920 brake pedal is better than the G25 pedals, if your G25 pedals are still stock.

But if you need to save a buck to get the Thrustmaster shifter then the TMX might make sense depending on your preferences. The TX can get expensive if you don't want that cheap, undersized Ferrari replica wheel.

A load cell mod for the Logitech brake pedal makes a huge difference.


If you're concerned about budget, then go for the TMX and and some adapters to make the most of what you have already, then you can get the Thrustmaster shifter down the line, if you think it's worth it to you.


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