Newcomer to "Career" Sim racing and have a wheel project to share
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Hi everyone,

I'm new but have raced off and on with sims like GTR2 and rfactor series.  Everything else was just a game so i'm taking things a bit serious especially on the business end.  I'd like to share my Wheel build and welcome constructive criticism about the design or potential flaws you see.






inside wheel button box rear.jpg

inside wheel button box.jpg

bottom perspective.jpg

motor QD front.jpg

motor QD rear.jpg

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To explain what the intent is:

Button box and Interface - Based off of a Momo Mod30 wheel the button box will use a wireless system and LiPo charger/2700mah battery(thinking about doubling the packs and doubling runtime

Parts will be 3D printed and made available on Shapeways.  The shape should be fairly similar to what most are familiar with but this design incorporates the shifter paddles and electronics inside one enclosure. I've mocked up my Mod30 to figure out the most comfortable locations for the inputs.  Since I have a VR setup i chose larger buttons and knobs for touch sensing.  Unfortunately, this means no super cool LED bar flashing in the physical world.

Mige motor mount - While awaiting for the Small Mige to arrive from Shanghai the CAD file had to suffice for prototyping.  Very much inspired by the look of HPP Simulation pedals and the design work of HRS's motor mount I wanted to add my flair and engineering to it.   Powdercoated and CNC'd plates bolted together and dges will be chamfered to reveal polished aluminum.   Motor can be tilt adjusted with a range of 25 degrees.  The screws will nestle and self-center in the angle positioning holes.  I am thinking of running either a brass bushing or bearing in the Pivot hole.

Motor/Wheel Quick Detach - Consists of three pieces; Motor clamp, lock ring, and Wheel hub.  All made from aluminum and all edges chamfered to keep style consistent.  

Motor clamp: will be affixed either by front facing screw compression or with a set screw accessed behind the "Skirt"

The lock ring snaps into a lock/unlock position by using two ball plunger detents screwed into the motor clamp. Three flanges on all three parts to lock them together.

The Wheel hub uses guide pins to lock the wheel into the motor clamp and secured via the lock ring.

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Ordered a double insulated cable from L-Com to replace the feeble looking Feedback cable provided by Mige.  The DB15 connector includes a steel casing inside double wall molded plastic and heavy duty knurled retainer screws.  Something to note: When I cut the sheathing it revealed braided steel shielding (supposed to be copper).


Tech support from L-Com says the shielding is pre-tinned copper hence the chrome appearance. 

I agonized over the pinouts for the SimuCube and now believe the cable is finished!  Woohoo!  Also received the rest of the wheel buttons and finally the Small Mige.

Three wires in the cable didn't find homes.  GPI1, 2, and 3.  According to the Ioni Wiki they perform rotation limits.  If anyone has an idea on the pinouts for the GPI's to the Mige encoder, please let me know





Lcom steel braid insulation.jpg

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updated information on braided shielding material

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