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questions for "rFactor 2" guru's

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hi all, have download some of the track, cars and plugins, MODS, since seems to have awesome game content and MODS, which a lot of people recommend trying out as a SIM.
I have setup a little and tested around, but feel like i don't understand it all and want to see what your suggestions and recommendations are for 
1) video setup settings
2) in game controls settings
3) in game display settings
4) in game audio settings
5) in game video res settings
6) in game difficulty settings
have attached my settings, screenshots and details, am grateful for any help and guidance.
thank you all SimRacers in this great community!







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In Game, I would turn Off the FXAA and the Stability Control (TC and ABS at Low should be enough of driving help considering your Steering Wheel and Pedals).

With a T300rs, I have the FFB Smoothing at 0, I guess you could do the same. Don't forget to modify the Car-Specific FFB Mult for each vehicle if you feel the FFB is too weak or (more likely) too strong.

With a GTX970, I have lowered the Visible Vehicles (to 15) because some mods are more demanding than others. I 'd say this setings is more important on race start than later in a race when the cars have spread.

For the Audio, I believe the number of effects depends on what your Audio chipset is capable of (not sure about that !). The rest is a matter of preferences. If you do Ovals, you want to make sure you can hear clearly your Spotter.

Hope this helps :)

NB : if at the moment of your screenshot you were not pressing on the pedals, then there is a problem ! There should not be any color bar visible. To fix this, simply reassign the controls in the right panel.

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