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hi mates

After building a DIY Quick release System for my T300 and collecting expiriance with the thrustmaster wheel now developed a version for your T500, TX and T300!!! maybe the new Direct Drive Wheel too. the system is 100% Console Compatible and work with all eco line thurstmaster wheels except the Ferrari F1 Wheel (more to this later). its also possible to mount your after marked wheels like momos (70mm bolt pattern) and raid (74mm bolt pattern). even DIY wheels like the Arduino button plate mod will work and on you liking you can order it with USB pass through...

its also planed to make following:

an adapter to 3 bolt pattern for Formula and Kart Wheels - Done

The Trustmaster to Ardurino connector and adapter for custom button plates and paddel shifter to build you own custom wheels - Done

an adapter from the TM F1 Addon to a Quick release - Done

All parts are 3D printed in ABS plastic with and infill of 100% for maximal stability. the quick release i use for it is a slimline quick release and is modified for minmal play. its based on the original Thrustmaster Quick Release in your wheel, no "DSD Style" Adapter needed for a perfect fit and to hold the costs low.


The Quick Release Kit mounted on the Thrustmaster quick release in side view:



here the female part mounted to a T300:




to mount your TM Wheel to the Slimline Quick Release you get the 70mm bolt pattern to Thrustmaster 3 bolt pattern adapter with the mounting screws and long nuts

left the Adapter and right the Male part of the slimeline QR.



the adapter fits perfect in you wheel. here a ferrari 599XX wheel.


a look inside.


This is the VGA holder with the male VGA Cable.


the male part assambed with the male VGA connector.


the assambly on a 599xx

the mounted wheel to the base. the wheel will be move around 45mm closer to you!!! my you must readjust your rig.


Front view of the Kit.


QR kit with a raid typ 17 (320mm) aftermarket rim and a 3d printed (arduino nano case 25mm) as spacer.



The F1 Addon Adapter

Yes it finally done. it was a lot more work in the CAD programm that i tought. its very stable and fits very good. it thakes around 13.30 hours to print!!! yes its long but for the stabiliy its ok.
your F1 adapter will be printed in Black ABS, the green is only for demo purposes and that you can better see the layout of the internal adapter.


The 2 main parts of the set


done a new version of the internal adapter. now the connection to the paddel shifter is much stronger... rigth the new one!


the internal adapter holds everthing together. its the most importent part in the whole rim!







the distance between the base and the rim. for my tast the rim was way to close on the base! it was a really pain to mount the F1 rim. especially with th tm1638 display!





The Trustmaster to Arduino Nano Adapter for 70mm or 74mm wheels.

With this adapter its possible to make easly your own custom wheel with full console compatiblity and without an external USB wire. The wheel will recognize it as and standard TM wheel! Its available for 70mm and 74mm pitch circle wheels. You can swap the wheels back and forts in your game with shuting the wheel down. more to this software can you see on <--- software available here!

This is the solution to build your own wheel of your dreams!!! The Kit is without software, you will get only the hardware for this project!


The case, cover and VGA holder



this is the brain. the arduino nano with the VGA to Arduino Cable. Sorry for the bad pic. it will be replaced



the whole parts assambeld together



the case without the cover. its replaced with a custom paddel shifter mounting plate



the beast mounted on a t300




a dream of a wheel!



The 70mm to Formula and Kart wheel (50.8mm) adapter

just a simple adapter to reduse the pitch circle to the formula standard. the most adapter on the market are from 50.8mm to 70mm... there are almost useless! you like small and light wheels? then this is the way to go!



Assamble the Kit: will be updated with an video!

1. unscrew the wheel on the original Thrustmaster quick release.

2.disassamble the wheel and assamble the wheel with the male part of the quick release.

2.1 unscew on the front of the wheel 3 bolts with an allen key. on 6, 10:30 and 2:30 clock. you dont have to unscrew the other 3 bolts! the original quick release is now loss.

2.2  gently slide out the quickrelease and carrfully unplug the JST connactor from the PCB.

2.3 now you take the male side of the slimline quick release kit and connect the male JST it to the PCB. it fits only with one side and dont use to much pressure!

2.4 stow the rest on the calbe in the cavity in the quickrelease adapter and not inside the wheel case!

2.5 now look for the rigth orientation of your VGA connector (wider part must show to the top of you wheel) and silde the adapter with the longnuts into your wheel and screw the 3 original screw back in to you wheel. be carful and dont scratch the nice TM wheel ;-)

you are finish with your wheel! you must tighten the screws again after a couple of races...


3 assamble the female part on the original quick release.

3.1 take the TM quick release and the adapter plate with the female VGA connector. plug the male JST to the Original Quick release.

3.2 screw the adapter plate to the TM quick release. in this part is a little gap. this must show upwards. now take 3 M4 x 10mm Bolts and screw the adapter to the QR. the wider side of the VGA connector must show to the gap.

3.3 take the female part of the slimline QR and orientatethe silver button facing upwards (when the QR is open. it closes to the right). take the 3 M5 Nuts and 3 of the 6 M5 x 15mm screws and bolt down your QR. why 6 screws? this are unique screws you cant buy. dont loss them, its only for safety.

3.4 now you can plug the Base side of the quick release in your base. make sure the orientation the right to you drive shaft! screw the TM QR tight and tighten the philips head and you are good to go!!!

4. test the system

4.1 plug in your thrustmaster wheel and let it calibrate without wheel. take the wheel and check if the VGA connectors fit together. slide it gently in place and tighten the outer ring of the QR to the right. the silver button will lick in his place.

4.2 check in the TM driver if your wheel if recognized and test the buttons. all should work like before without the mod! if it works start your favort game and give it a try :-)


also very impmortent: dont overtighting the screws. may your abs adapter or screws will break!!!


for the build i will use only epman quick releases. this is what color you can choose.



extend and pricing:


The standard Base side kit:


1 x Adapter base side with vga holder, 70mm to TM 3 bolt

2 x Modified slimline quick release with your chosen color

1 x VGA female cable to JST Male (Base side)

a package with all the screws....

Price: 85€ + shipping in your country via DHL


The Wheel Side for a Rim Like the 599xx, GTE, 28 Leather or GT rim:


1 x Adapter wheel side from 70mm to TM3 bolt

1 x VGA holder plate

1 x VGA male cable to JST female (Rim side)

a package with all the screws....

Price: 45€


The Ferrari F1 addon wheel adapter:


1 x F1 Internal adapter

1 x F1 external adapter quick release plate

1 x Modified slimline quick release with your chosen color

1 x VGA male cable to JST female (Rim side)

a package with all the screws....

Price: 100€ without and 120€ With Quick release


Arduino nano adapter kit:

1x Arduino Nano V3

1x The VGA to Arduino cable

1x The Nano cast with 70mm or 74mm pitch circle

1x A cover for the case with 70mm or 74mm pitch circle

1x VGA holder plate

6x M5 screws in stainless steel to mount your wheel

1x a slimline quick release (optional)

Price: 65€ without and 85€ with quick release


3 Bolt Formula and Kart wheel Kit:

1x Adapter from 70mm to 3 bolt Kart pattern with 50.8mm pitch circle

a package with screws.... Wheel screws not included.

1 x slimline quick release (optional)

Price: 32€ without and 52€ with quick release


its not a problem to order a custom kit for your needs!

like a set for 2 thrustmaster wheels and a aftermarktet rim or for some custom rims or even usb...

the pieces will be updated with some other special packages like the TM F1 conversion Kit...

i prefer paypal for our both safety. its payment in advance. if i got the money on my paypal accout i will start the build.


the manifacture time is around 3 - 4 weeks plus shiping to you.
dont have all parts at stock and ive order some parts in china at the manifacture to hold the cost low... thats why it take so long to build a set.


i dissosiate from every damage on your wheel like Rim or the Base!!! every kit is tested and gets only send if it 100% working!


if you want to order? just send me a message on the board, add my in skype under battlegear2k10 or write me a email under daniel.ruf1007 (at)

may a shop will be build someday^^


if you have questions contact me or write here in this topic ;-)

Ciao BattleGear


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I'm happy to say that I'm his first "customer/buyer" of the kit. 

Postage was quick and flawless. Everything arrived well packed without any damage.

Everything bolted up to my t500rs stock steering wheel and the base just fine.
I have gotten instructions from Battlegear but it was not needed since it was super easy to install.

If you want to swap wheels on your thrustmaster wheels quickly, use aftermarket wheels and have official thrustmaster wheels working with the buttons then this is a great option!

Battlegear showed me the package before it was shipped and gave me a trace code for the shipment.


  • Aftermarket wheels compatible
  • Thrustmaster wheels compatible including buttons
  • Strong plastic (ABS) 
  • No play in the system
  • A true QUICK release system
  • Could be dismantled and reverted back to stock steering wheel if your steering wheelbase breaks. No cutting wires etc.


  • Shifter paddles are far away if you have the t500rs wheel and base.

If you want to use the shifter paddles you have to buy a thrustmaster wheel with the shifter paddles on them. I ordered a GTE rim from thrustmaster and it should arrive soon. When i get that in i will mount it on my wheel with the QR system.

UPDATE: Got my new Thrustmaster GTE wheel and works perfectly with the adapter and plug from Battlegear. Got it for the paddle shifters.








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Do you think a TX Ferrari wheel - as in the cheap crappy one that comes with the TX base when you buy it that way - can be modified to get a Sparco 260 (which is a formula type 3 bolt wheel) on a TX base on Xbox One ?


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yes its not a problem to develop a adapter for the 3 bolt pattern... its planed to make one but i dont know the diameter of the pitch circle. but this is not the problem... its just a 10mm thick adapter plate between the QR and the wheel^^

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after the whole day of work its done. the arduino custom wheel kit is finish and available!!!
hoping that i can the next couple on mouth put the Ferrari F1 Addon set together but first i must order one... stay tuned ;-)

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thx Jaume for the pics ;-)


ok it arrived today disassambled it... sitting now 3 hours on the cad programm and the drawing is still not in 3D... my head is smoking XD but take your self a picture




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ok test print 1 is finish and fits ok. the paddel shifter and the cover fits and have enougth room. must make a little change on 2 holes and it fits like a glove...

i make now the changes in the 3D model and will print it tomorrow again, for 8 hours (i hate 3D printing xD )

the wiring is done and work... now must only the QR arrive and i have to buy the screws then i can start the test phase ;-)

hope im finish on friday with tinkering :-)

what do you think about my really wicked green filament xD






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IM DONE!!! with work and physically!!!

ok the adapter is finish, works and fits^^ the sad news: the qr havent arrived so my 599xx is now disasambled :-(

im still in the test phase but it looks really good for it. i have only not so much time to test today...

havent a fixed price for the adapter right now... it takes near 13 hours to print the 3 parts!!! o.O the green filament will be replaced with an black one^^

its really late and i post a couple of pics #PHOTOBOMB























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