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What angle do you have with the 3x Benq XR3501 and how wide is it?

I have limited width in my sim room too, but not for having muliple rigs though ;)

More expensive than VR, but until the resolution of the VR sets gets better, it feels like this might be the next best. As these monster monitors should be 3d compatible with nvidia sync glasses it would still be able to give some of that depth feeling. Of course not as good as VR but a step in the right direction at least.

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Its been a while, and much has happened in my sim racing world. After my research and thinking about a new setup for  my main machine, i decided to get a ProSimu 5dof setup. i thought i would use this thread as a build log and take you guys and girls along for the journey. 

First of all, i must Say Patrick at ProSimu was a absolute gentlemen, service was very good, answering all the questions and promptly, being from Australia you are always a bit weary when you are spending so much money overseas but he certainly made the process very easy .

So, on with the show, ended up selling my Pagnian frame and motion platform, and due to the increase from next level, i didnt end up loosing too much, it was a good frame, but there was definite flexing issues, also sold off my bride reclining alcantara seat as i found that i want more of that race car feeling a fixed bucket seat gave me.

After searching the web so something i wanted i came across a seller on Aliexpress, looked pretty good so i whatsap'd the number that was there. Benjamin replied and he was very helpful. gotta to love technology and how it can connect people, Benjamin could supply me a seat directly from the factory in my exact specs i wanted. After sitting in Alcantara, you cant go back so i ordered a Fixed Bucket seat, in black alcantara material with a carbon frame, he gave me a price of 280usd which at that point i almost fell off my chair. after buying seats here in Australia for much more then that as not even totally happy with them. i was very excited, the bad new was shipping via DHL was expensive, all in all my seat cost 900Aud, which for Alcantara, Carbon and side plates and rails i thought was quite fair. I did go to the local speed shop and sit in a Cobra seat and it did feel nice but in Carbon it was going to cost well over 2k and being in a sim, i just couldn't justify it. so in 3 days my seat was produced and on the plane headed for Australia. and i must say im very impressed, Built quality is quite good and materials used is amazing very happy with my purchase, got him to throw in some TAKATA harnesses as well :)


Within a few days of my seat arriving, my ProSimu 5dof setup came, actuators are currently on backorder so they will come later, hopefully by the end of the month. I got 5 neatly wrapped parcels with all pieces wrapped in bubble wrap. My first Impressions were overall good, some paint had come of some of the pieces but nothing to major. one of the pieces from the pedal deck was bent, but a quick email to Patrick and he had another one sent out to me straight away. so after looking into things further a few things concern me.

-RHD shifting only

-No Fanatec support of the wheel deck, looks like the same problem John experienced on his CSL servo base, the third mount whole blocked by the metal shaft.

-The wide foot print that will push my Rseat monitor stand further away from my wheel base.

-The low profile of the complete setup, concerning because my Rseat monitor stand is as minimum height already and looks like this setup is going to be lower then my GT Ultimate.

My plans for this build are

- Fabricate a left hand shifter stand

-build a 8020 bottom frame, 1, to lift up the complete unit, 2 to has it on wheels like Marks platform, 3 to position the monitor stand further in and close to the wheel deck

-Paint the red "traction loss frame only because i dont like the colour red :)

-mount my seat slide rails on the frame for my adjust ability and easy of entering and existing cockpit.

Today i dropped off the red frame at my spray painter with a tin of gun metal paint i had at home, hopefully will come back in a few days with an update and some pictures!






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Ok, so on with the show, manage to get some boys over on Wednesday night to help and i must say, i dont think i wouldve been able to do it by myself, some of the instructions left me scratching my head but after a while we figured it up. I read that Mark was swearing as well and now i understand why! 

we got onto mounting the rails of the seat on the bottom frame, this was quite challenging and to top it off after we finished it was binding so it all had to come off again! 


holes dont quite line up, just short about 3mm either side, so i got the drill out and elongated the holes


with that done to both sides, the lift bar installed things are looking good


some alignment was needed to get it nice and straight, and a lot of in out action to get the correct angle. and i must say it feels great, the seat really encases me adding to the whole race car feeling.


Next was installing the pedal deck and steering arm, after mastering the fastening technique, its getting much easier. 


Mounting the Fanatec v2 servo was pretty easy, the base plate only has 2 rear holes suitable, so i had to drill the third one in and have a pole right there i had to drill thru 2 layers a bit annoying how a sim frame of this caliber wouldn't have full Fanatec support but drilling holes isnt hard so its ok :). The wheel deck is quite adjustable with height and angle and is surprisingly very strong, very little movement, certainly more secure then my GT ultimate.


the side arm even has holes for cable management, looks very neat now :) Pedal deck has a a variety of holes, the front lined up but i had to drill the back holes for my Fanatec v3 pedals. lots of adjustment here too. 


next up was to find the position of my shifter. found this little stool which was the perfect height! draw up some the design and sent it off to my mate the fabricator. should have the piece back tonight.


thats all for today, until next time folks!


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Shifter plate came back from my friend, wasn't the best idea to use galvanized steel, as it was a bitch to weld to the frame :( but it was free so cant complain. Oh and the reason i'm not using my my Fanatec Shifter SQ 1.5 is i've snapped 2 springs in the period of 6 months and i only play about 4 hours a week. bad spring design i think. i do lose the 7 speed box, but i mainly drive GT3 so the simulate-it shifter will work its magic here.


Grinded away the paint and welded this bad boy on, i am very bad at welding so it was not pretty, but nothing a angle grinder and some black paint wont fix!


its at the perfect height for a quick horizontal transition from wheel to shifter.


Also cut out the shifter plate to match the shifter, this is really handy because it allowed me an extra click on the seat for them short people that wanted to drive. Also just ordered my MOMO Mod30 wheel the Fanatec rim and go down the chain in the simulator room.


Next was drilling the holes and for the anchor points for the harness. picked up some 75mm anchor points from the speedshop which was perfect for the 40mm square tube of the t1000 frame.


Not sure if i will use them as it seems a bit of a hassle putting them on, the seat does a very good job of holding me in as it is. will see how much movement there is once the actuators are working. at least they are quick release so no biggie.



looking pretty good i must say!



And we are finished for another night. cant wait to get it back inside and do some driving even in static mode.










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Some progress....

Got traction loss pieces back from my painter, came up a treat. baked enamel paint was super glossy.



piece all together


due to manufacturing imperfections 1 x 1mm washer had to be used to unsure all distances were even


And thanks to Mark he suggested Velco was used to stick down the MDF base plates


now with all that built up, actuators finally came in, looks like 4 main actuators are Dyadic SCN6 units. The main power unit was a bit bigger then i thought! and i ordered some Ohlins stickers from ebay as my real like race car had Ohlins on them :)


first i installed the smaller traction loss unit.


next up was to get my frame on to the dolly and install the other 4 actuators. 


a close up of the installed scn6


looking pretty impressive so far!


Installed my Momo Mod30 wheel while its here too, i must say it does feel nicer then the Fanatec GT wheel. 


Next up i got some of the boys around and we lifted the sim rig onto the traction loss platform. It was very heavy, lucky those scn6 actuators can handle it!


Next up was wiring it all up, and there was a lot of wires! looks like ill be building a platform similar to Marks to hide it all. but in the mean time some of the boys got to have go :)

there was a lot of software configuration with Simtools 1.3 and its quite complex, i must admit it did take me some time and a few support emails to Patrick before it was all working properly.


And its still in the lounge room at the moment while i build the base for it, luckily i have a very understanding wife :) 

So got my mate the engineer to come over and design and help build the base, i wanted it to extend past the carpet enough so i can fix the power supply unit in front of it. the base unit had to be strong to hold up all that weight so we built a steel skeleton. We tapered the front to fit the monitor stand thru, but looks like calculations was wrong so Mark 1 base was a failure :S


Mark 2 will be complete by this weekend. stay tuned!







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Thanks Intensemojo.

And on with the show! Base now built, and it looks great. so instead of the centre leg of the tv stand going under the base, now going to bolt to the side of the base, centre support removed. this will allow for a lower profile setup. the front section cover is separate so i can lift off and place all the electronics in there. The base will give it all the support it needs and has multiple holes so i can go back in adjustment if need be.


here's a pic with the front cover on. nice slit for wires to come in and out. 


After we put the traction loss frame on my concerns was it was actuators was going to hit the legs of the monitor stand. and looks like i was right :( i have about 5mm before it hits the leg, and with the sideways motion. it touches. 



after much thinking and tinkering, the best solution we came up with was to redo the legs changing the angle on the bends. so the masking tape came out. we needed it high enough to allow adjust-ability in monitor stand to be able to move the screens closer or back, so a fair bit of height was required.


And i found the RSEAT stand was very top heavy cuasing the monitors to come downwards on angle, so took this opportunity to tile the tube backwards a bit to stop the lean forward. hope the exhaust place and understand my markings! also we will weld a small brace straight down to give it some more strength. should have new legs back today!








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Ok, so leg was finished today and just giving it a lick of paint, unfortunately not powder coated and just with a spray can. also decided to brace it at the bottom, because of the sheer weight of it all, i think it would help with stability.


While the leg was at the shops for the day, it was time to wire up and install everything else in preparing for its home coming :) also had to loose the trophy shelf and re arrange the other sims because of the sheer size of the new unit. Think i have to go to IKEA this week to buy a wall mounted display cabinet for my trophies. 


Hiding the wires was a pain in the butt, a lot of body twisting, swearing, farting was going around in the sim room. was not impressed with my two mates that was helping me. The end result was fantastic though. hardly any wires can be seen.


this was the trickiest part, to lift the front section and feed the wires thru while the unit was on top. i wished the wires were just that little bit longer, would've made the job easier. 


Got Rc racing on tonight so cant touch the Sim until Wednesday now!

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Well that did the trick. I even moved the whole rig back a little bit for better clearance from the monitor. I know its best to have the wheel as close as you to the screen but with movement its much harder



tested all forces and we are clear, with 100 percent movement, it just touches but SimTools does allow for limiting and my limits have been toned down to 90 percent and even in game manager its turn down even more. monitors are just loosely placed on now and not connected as it was getting late last night after RC racing.


Just like John's bat now :)


Tonights mission.......

Tighten screws and fully mount/cable monitors, mounts speakers, wall mount PC 

Real estate in the sim room is premium and the good thing about my case is its wall mountable. i got a TV bracket this morning and will fit it tonight. this will also fix the problem of the short cables from the ProSimu control box, as i will mount it on the wall wires facing down.







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this is by far one of the best setups I've ever seen! So neat and professionally done, hats off to you !

I have been looking at these rigs myself, but the only thing that is holding me back is the amount of noise the actuators make? I have watched videos of these rigs and they just sound quite noisey, is the noise noticeable when actually strapped into the rig and and concentrating turning the laps out? 

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Thanks Rick :) and about the noise, my back speakers are also close to my ears and all I hear is the singing of my engine when I drive. you tune out after a while and if you where earphones no noise at all! its well worth the money and effort. The feeling I get over bumps, ripples, and when I get airborne really out shines the bad from any noise that comes out.

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Ok, so after all this attention I thought I might update my thread.

Got a slimline tv wall mount kit from the hardware store, bolted it to the back of the case mounted it sideways so the wires face down, this means the PROSIMU control unit USB cable could plug directly into my PC, I did run it from a HUB before and it was working with a 1m cable but when I went to a 1.5 metre cable things started slowing down. so direct it was!


Wall mounting it saved precious floor space in the room! Also was worried about the power draw from this room so I got the sparky to run a dedicated powerline to it, also gave the other side of the power too, changed the double point to a Quad as well (not pictured)


Now because we positioned the machine straight on the wall I ran out of room for my trophy cabinet :) a quick trip to Ikea and I got these wall mountable shelves more floor space freeing up! It also free stands as well and was narrow enough so one went back in the original area.IMG_5633.JPG

My spare machine got an upgrade too, CSL elite base with universal hub, still using the g27 pedals at the moment, will grab the CSL pedals in the new year I think.


The third machine actually belongs to one of my mates :) he has been slowly building his machine up. leaves it at my house because he has kids and its much more fun to race together in the same room anyways :) he bought himself a nice Christmas present this year, Fanatec CSL wheelbase and v3 pedals, universal hub and GT rim. He is an engineer by trade and designed and built the TV stand you can see, made me one too! Thanks Andrew :) Still a bit of work to do with this setup as the amount of flex in the Next Level GT ultimate is crazy!


The 4th machine, all the hardware belongs to me except for the frame belongs to my other friend. it got a bit of an upgrade too, things just move down the chain in this room :) it got the DSD button plate and upgraded rim for the g27. Have a 4k 55" tv coming tomorrow and will mount it on the stand Andrew built this weekend. I cant believe how cheap it is now 4k 55" for 499 AUD so cheap!


Also took advantage of Fanatecs black Friday sale and bought the hand brake, installed it to the side with PROSIMU's option plate, just poked the screws thru the t1000 cut out on the side, no drilling necessary!


That's about it for now. I think I might put some dark rock like wallpaper on the walls to get the whole cave look going soon. ill leave you with a pic of Andrew racing, a video of the machine in action and the room, also show you guys how to get in and out!





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Wow!!!! impressive set ups. How are you liking the prosimu? I'm seriously considering the prosimu with 3 dof for now and upgrade to the 5 down the road. Will you send me the info on your seat guy? I'm in the us and that's a great price. Thanks 

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On 1/13/2017 at 6:44 AM, jimhaworth said:

Wow!!!! impressive set ups. How are you liking the prosimu? I'm seriously considering the prosimu with 3 dof for now and upgrade to the 5 down the road. Will you send me the info on your seat guy? I'm in the us and that's a great price. Thanks 

Thanks, The Pro-Simu unit is awesome, its very solid. I love the the fact that you can easily go from a 3dof to a 5dof, be careful when you do though because the 3dof uses different actuators for the front, so if you are considering a 3dof with the intention of upgrading to 5dof, better get the 5dof front actuators from the get go. no worries about the seat, ill pm you the details.

Ok, so its been a while since ive reported anything, ive just been having a lot of fun with my setup. Ive setup a racing league with my mates and its been awesome, but as we all know this hobby is very addictive, and I couldn't help myself and have ordered some HPP engineering PRX-SE pedals, this was 5 weeks ago, so I  hope they come soon :( also saying good bye to my Fanatec CSW v2 and welcoming my new setup from SIMFAI in singapore.


Fai, was very helpful and catered to my every need. I sent over my steering wheel so he could make sure everything fitted and worked properly. The OSW kit is his latest offering in sim hardware and I was lucky enough to be the first to receive :)

My button plate, includes 6 buttons and 2 encoders, I got him to install a magnetic shifter kit which feels amazing! and the Q1R quick release system.


behind the wheel, all wires are neatly tucked in behind and is barely visible, plates are made out of carbon fibre and it all connects via a 9 pin usb connector into a leo bonder board


Included in the kit was a small Mige servo motor, this thing is damn heavy. im surely hoping the T1000 wheel deck can support it.


Fai includes all the necessary cables and this control box is a fine piece of art.


I will install it on Wednesday night and will post my results!

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