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G27 disconnecting after a few mins

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I've had this problem off and on and even went as far as replacing my G27. Things were going well for a while but the recent windows / logitech update has broken things big time. IF I can actually get it recognised as a G27 instead of a DFGT then it only works for a couple of mins before it stops responding. It still shows as connected in device manager etc but no inputs are recognised. Most of the time a simple disconnect / reconnect works and I can drive for another few mins.

Given that I've replaced all the G27 components I am ruling that out as the issue. It seems more like either a driver issue or hardware issue with my PC. Ideally I'd plug it into a PS3 for testing or something but don't have anything available. I've tried different versions of logitech drivers and USB2 ports etc but I'm 100% out of ideas.

Has anyone got any ideas at all?

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