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(SOLD) AMD Radeon R9 390

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Like new AMD Sapphire Radeon R9 390 nitro for sale. It was a great card. screamed through iRacing at 2560 x 1080 easily over 200 fps unlocked. I ran it with freesync on an LG ultrawide for a while. This card supports freesync and triple eyefinity freesync via triple display port. This is what makes the card better than other AMD radeon R9 390s. 

I had to send in the unit for RMA a few weeks ago with AMD, because the display port 1 went faulty. they were easy to deal with and they fixed it. Since then I got a different card because I got gsync monitors. The card will arrive in the mail soon. still covered under warranty


Send an offer my way. I'm looking for around 275. they sell new for 350. external box art included. 

If you purchase for asking price I'll throw in a Club 3d Display port MST (display port splitter). I had originally intended to use this as the solution for the faulty display port in order to run triples, but I changed my mind, and I had already ordered this thing. Lets you run 2 display port monitors just off of one port in the card. The MST hub also supports freesync and 4k. It's very handy. its just not neccesary for triples since AMD agreed to fix the card itself. The MST hub is worth about 50$. 


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