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Thrustmaster T150

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Hey guys,

I've recently bought a Thrustmaster T150 and I got to say, its pretty competitive with much pricier kit.

Putting that aside for a moment, I have a very important question regarding an unexpected shutdown I experienced a few days after purchasing it brand new.

I was testing the kit on Project Cars PS4 for around 6 hours. I had been playing around with force feedback settings and during my final time trial, it simply switched off completely. My PS4 paused the game and I tried reconnecting the power, USB and restart my PS4, but no luck. It seemed completely dead. After a few hours, I tried again and it was working perfectly.

The only thing I notice was it was a bit hot. It's mounted on a playseat rig, has plenty ventilation. 

Has anyone experienced this before and is there some sort of auto-shutdown to prevent overheating? 

Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks!

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