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G920 force feedback question

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Hi! I just got a G920, but there seems to be something a bit inconsistent with the force feedback. Was wondering if this is normal or not. 

I copied the following from the Assetto Corsa Steam forums, where I also posted:


Hi guys, just got a G920. Feels good except there seems to be some kind of weird force feedback thing with the wheel (don't think it's AC causing the issue). Was wanting to know if it is normal.

Basically, say I start a drift around a corner that turns to the RIGHT. If I countersteer to the LEFT, it's all fine.

However, if I drift a corner to the LEFT (i.e, left hand turn), and countersteer to the RIGHT, the wheel has this itermittent force feedback feeling that kinda makes a 'clack clack' noise. 

It doesn't happen normally if I just turn the steering wheel in that direction, it tends to only happen if there is some force being applied in the opposite direction that I'm turning (but only in the case of a left-hand corner drift that requires me to turn the wheel to the right to countersteer).

I hope that makes sense, if anyone can confirm that this is normal or not, that would be great. I kinda would expect the wheel to be consistent with FFB with either drifting left OR right.

Can post a vid to help explain it if it helps lol.


Thanks for any insight, guys! :)

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