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XSR Indy 500 (Stock Car Extreme) Invite and Info

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May 29th is the 100th running of the Indy 500.
To commemorate this, we will be Qualifying on the 22nd,
and actual race day the night of the 29th.

Track Download Here: ... 98.103957/

Templates: ... plates.rar
Updated template with our contingencies: see attached file

Skin Pack: Pack 1b -includes cars: 1, 11, 76, 05, 64, 80, 

icon_topic_attach.gif XSR
(13.96 MiB) Downloaded 5 times

May 22nd will be Qualifying day
7pm est - 8:30 pm est practice session
8:30-9:30pm est Qualifying session
Each driver will get 6 laps total to set their qualifying times
Going over 6 laps will result in a DQ!
First group of drivers will be placed on grid based on qual times.
Second group of drivers will be those with no qual times.
Third group will be drivers that DQ during qual session.

May 29th event schedule:
Practice server will be up after the morning grinders group.
Real Indy race should be finishing up around 4pm est
Server will switch to Final Practice at 7pm edt
Server will switch Race at 7:30pm edt for 200 laps****

****At this time SCE limits races to 100 Laps and at this time it does not look as if that will be fixed by the devs. We will have the Race Clock set to 2hrs35 minutes to attempt to get as close (or just past) the 200 lap mark as possible when accounting for different driver abilities and pit stops.**** It is also possible that we may have game-controlled cautions for accidents and so on. We have tested this and it does work. The Rolling Start will also be game controlled, however we will be doing the traditional 3 wide start with the highest placed car on your row on the far inside. IE first through third will be Pole on far inside (left), 2nd will be middle, and 3rd will be far outside (right). and so on through the rest of the field. We will form up on the back straight and hold formation through turns 3 and 4. Race starts when game posts Green Flag message.

Race rules are:
Fuel: 0x (unlimited)
Tyres: 1x
TC: low
AutoClutch: allowed
Max field will be 33 drivers (max for the track)
Registration is mandatory due to duplicate cars not allowed.
Register as a reply to this thread. #74 Not Available.

Registration format:

Your Name
Team Name
Car number
How did you hear about this race?

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Hello everyone!
Tonight we are running our own Indy 500 at XSR.
For those of you that will be participating, here is 
tonight's schedule of events:

Practice server is up NOW.
at 6pm est the server will be reset for the race.
at 7:00 - 7:30pm est, FINAL Practice/Warmup.
ALL DRIVERS: be on track no later than 7:25pm 
so we can set grid order.

At 7:30 pm est we will start the race.
Race is expected to run 2.5 hrs (2hrs, 35 minutes)
to simulate 500 miles.


There will be Twitch TV live feeds.



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