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Logitech G27 - Screechy noise when turning

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Hi guys,

I would like to ask for you assistance with the problem with G27.

As title says, I am experiencing "screechy" noise when turning with a wheel - especially when turning left. I have written to the Logitech support, but I wanted to know opinions or possible suggestions by the community itself, so...thank all of you in an advance.

There is the description of the problem with links for the photos, videos and audio records:

On friday, I have experienced crucial FFB (road effects) in one particular game, which has caused (kind of a known) problem with off-centering, which I found out the easy solution in un-pluging off and back, which was my case as well, but then I thought there is some noise coming from the inside, so I diassembled the wheel and I tried to find out the source of the noise, here are the results:
- there is a video of diassembled "rotor" and FFB motors, which was starting point for me, I hope you can hear that "whistling" screechy noise - espeacially when turning left
(I am so sorry for the vertical video, but I had not noticed it back then)
- there is a audio record of the same noise as it is recorded in the better quality as on the video
I have to admit, the whole sound (when analyzing it afterwards) is little bit unsettling
Afterwards, I have decided I will diassemble it further, so I have divided the main (I am really supprised it is mostly plastic and not metal) part and the plate with FFB motors and I was really supprised by their sounds, when diassembled:
- main part
- FFB part
Have you any suggestion, how could I fix it ? Especially screechy noise, which I can hear (with no volume or low-mid volume from the game for example).


As I can see now, I have forgotten to add into their ticket, after the diassembly of part with rotating mechanism and FFB motors I think I can hear (but so barely it was even hard to capture it in the video) that screechy noise from the right FFB motor (the one without centering sensor), but I am not sure...I cannot understand at all, why it is so hardly negligible, when diassembled and loud when assebmled (not even mentioning, that on the other hand, the rotating part is really loud, when diassembled, which is in the second link from the bottom marked at "- main part" section.

So only think left to me is to thank you all again for any support. :)


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