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Chassis Stereo Mode vs. Extensions

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Hi all, I was wondering if some of you might provide your opinion on the following:

I have to settle with two aurora transducers for now until I can get a new rig.  I was thinking of the following options:

1) Mount the transducers on the seat, one on the left and one on the right.  Run in chassis mode and collapse it into "stereo" so that the left transducer will carry the FL and RL signals and the right transducer will carry the FR and RR signals.

2) Run in extensions mode with one under the seat and one under the pedals.

Any thoughts on which option might deliver the most bang for the buck?  I know that if running in chassis mode, 4 transducers are preferable.   I was thinking if collapsing it into stereo mode, I still might be able to feel differences when running over curbs on the right vs. left, etc.

On the other hand if running in extensions mode, they'll be farther apart and run along the "length" of rig rather than the width.  

So in terms of feel, what are the pros and cons of each?  Will I miss any feel or signals with one vs. another?  

Any insight is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Option #1. I find it more interesting to feel which side is the bump. 

I have 3 Buttkickers. One in extensions for the seat and 2 in chassis; 1 left and 1 right in the center of the rig (front-rear plane). I combined front and rear using Y adaptor cables. 


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