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Mix and Match your wheels, pedals, shifters

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Hi all,

Bought my G920 set at the beginning of my project in November. Works ok but now I'm looking to upgrade and wanted to do it piece by piece rather than outlaying a full whack on a complete new set up immediately.

I really like the look of the Fanatec kit, but it's expensive. Wife bought my a Clubsport SQ Shifter to replace my toy like G920 and I'm waiting to connect this up soon.

Started playing rally titles and realised I needed a double jointed thumb to use the button on the wheel, so would like to get the Fanatec Handbrake aswell.

Fanatec Clubsport Pedals v3 also have some vibration feedback and look like you can connect the shifters to the pedals reducing the need for the expensive Fanatec adapters to convert the Shifter and Handbrake to USB. Also this would reduce the number of connections I need to go into the PC.

Fanatec wheel base looks tempting as well and would complete the set nicely, but the cost with a wheel is just too much for me to get this year, maybe next.

Although I have a shed load of steam racing titles, I'm only really using Project Cars and Dirt Rally.

So this got me thinking -

1. Can I mix and match my G920 with the rest of the Fanatec inputs (pedals and Shifters) without too many problems? Anyone else done this?

2. Can I plug both the SQ Shifter and the Handbrake into the v3 pedals then plug the whole lot into the PC?

3. Do I get a USB connector with the pedals, or have I got to buy another USB adapter?


Be interesting to hear if anyone else has a Mix & Match set up?

thank you!

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