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Looking for Players for Casual/Pick-Up Racing

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I'm looking for others around the world who would like to race for a few hours (usually 2-4 hrs) sometime during 8 PM - 3 AM PST.

Sometimes it might be from 9 PM to 12 AM, other times it might be from 10 PM to 2 AM, etc.

The games we play are currently Automobilista and rFactor 2 (Assetto Corsa may be added in the future but not ATM).

This is for fun, casual racing for all skill levels and all experiences for anyone and everyone. I can open a room if there are no current rooms of interest and we can change car/series and circuit anytime you want (my room operates under true democracy, not the illusion of democracy, but I digress;);-) ).

If you guys would like to get a little group going, please add me on Steam (User Name: Spinelli) and I can report in this thread (and a couple others) whenever I'm planning to play and maybe I can even do some notification thing in Steam.  Maybe I'll create a Steam group so others don't have to rely on me.

Remember, this is for anyone of all skill level and experience, from anywhere in the world, looking for others to play with during sometime between the times of 8 PM and 3 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Thanks everybody,
and don't be shy :):-)

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Racing tonight!

Time: about 2 hours from now (@ 10:00 PM PST)

Game: AM or RF2

Add me on Steam, username: Spinelli


Hope to see you there!


On 4/29/2016 at 0:59 AM, stevemontuno said:

I'm up for some Automobilista ,,,,i was in a pretty fun race with you the other night ,, i'll add you mate,,

I'm just in the final process of finishing my 2DOF so won't be in for a few days though dude ,,

Thanks :)

I bet you can't wait to finish that motion system you got going there :)

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