FOR SALE USA: Sparco P310 wheel rim. 185$ (NEW PICS POSTED)

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Lets keep this short and sweet fellas! 


Sparco P310 rim! 

It's gota go. 

It feels like a new wheel. Soft suede. no grease, no stains, no crushed fiber, always driven w/ nomex gloves. 


Ready to ship out to ya. 

185$ w/ free shipping. I will not go any lower, sorry. This should sell pretty damn quick I'd expect. 

I'd rather not put it on ebay. Someone will be very happy with this. 

If you are fairly new to aftermarket wheels for sim racing, and you need advise or help with what else to get / options, to ensure your wheel will have what you need, please don't hesitate to inquire with a PM, or public forum question. I have several sources that can build you a button plate or shifters, whether you're on a thrustmaster, Fanatec, OSW, Accuforce, or even Logitech. 


Jimmy High



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