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T3PA issue

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I just bought a thurstmaster 458 italia racing wheel set and Thurstmaster T3PA pedals with it. The italia wheel is working with stock pedals but when I connect the T3PA they don't work. When I start game the car is doing things like I'm pushing all pedals in one time and it do not reack on pushing on any one of the pedals. 

I installed all drivers that are needed ( all i saw on thurstmaster support website ) and when I get to start/all apps/thurstmaster/controll panel I can't even see T3PA in window, just 458 italia. And when I click on calibration, thortle pedal is reacting only when I push break pedal all way down and break pedal only when I have pushed thortle pedal.

Anyone had same problem? Or anyone know how to fix this problem? I have tried computer restarts and disconnecting wheel. It is ( I think ) some calibration problem or driver problem, because stock pedals are working perfectly. 

( using win 8.1 ) 

Sorry for bad english, I'm from czech republic and I'm not using english very often. 

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