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G25 shifter problem

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I've just bought a used G25.  Pedals and wheel seem really good and the shifter was fine until after a day or two. 

The switch that switches it from H pattern manual to sequential doesn't turn all the way and gets jammed so it doesn't go into sequential mode.  Not a big deal, I don't plan to use it.  It worked in H pattern manual well for a while but recently it's been having what seems to be a calibration issue.

When I put it in 1st gear, sometimes it goes into neutral.  If I push it to the left, it goes into 1st, if I push it to the right, it goes into 3rd.

Same with 2nd gear, to the left 2nd gear, to the right, 4th gear. 

3rd-6th and reverse cause no issues.

Is this a known issue?

Easy to rectify? 

I'm really keen on using the H pattern shifter as I drive mainly historic cars and rarey use the sequential or paddles.

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Fixed it:

Thanks for that but it turned out to be even easier.

On the shifter shaft inside the housing, there are two hex screw/bolts that screw into the shaft.  These lock the shaft into place in either 1st/2nd gear or 5th/6th/reverse gears.  One was loose.  Simply tightened up and now the shifter has no slop in those gears and holds gears great.

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