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120hz TVs vs Monitors

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I am researching monitors and came across the whole "TV vs Monitor" discussions.  It does seem like some TVs will do 120hz natively, but it does not seem like any of them do 4K faster than 60hz.  Here's a good page that shows some TVs that will do 120hz in 1080p over HDMI:

There's also some YouTube videos where folks discuss hooking up a PC to a TV using HDMI 2.0 (not 1.4).

Regardless, it seems like using a TV for sim racing requires a few tradeoffs and a lot of research.



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I use 3 x 4K Vizio M-c 43 ( model could be wrong ) and it does 120 hz as mentioned in above post and 4K at 60. Now you will need a pretty beefy pc to run 4k above 60 hz. I have tested : IRacing , A.C , P.C , D.R , RRE and Automobilista and it smooth as better. Love the  43" triples . Alot less expensive than pc monitor at a smaller size. I paid $520.00 with tax each.

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Hi Dave,

4K @ 120hz from PC to TV would need quite a futuristic setup to drive it at decent settings, if it was possible, which it is not today as far as my research led me to believe when I looked at it last year.

My 4K TV has a 120hz processor, but only shows the picture via PC at 60hz. This is for a very real reason. 4K at 60hz with 4:4:4 8-bit colour is the limit of HDMI 2.0b anyway and I'm not aware of any new things currently that would alter the HDMI 2.0b specification or for that matter Display Port 1.2 which I believe has the same limitations today. I believe that DP 1.3 will address this limitation, but there are no GFX cards I can think of with that specification.

I'm happy to be humbled on this by the way, I may just be out of date!

I would not look back now to a small monitor or triples though, despite the 60hz limitation of my current setup. I did have a 144mz monitor and the SLI GFX cards to drive it a few years ago, but it was too small for sim racing IMHO and driving 3x that resolution @ that refresh (or even 120hz) would have meant lowering settings or spending on tri/quad SLI possibly.

The one thing to watch out for on 4K TVs is input lag, I did a lot of research for over 12 months before I found one that ticked all the boxes for me and tried many 4K monitors and TVs before I settled.


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As for the phrase "smooth as butter," on my 144Hz display, I can tell when it's dropping below 80 FPS, especially when I'm rounding a hairpin turn and everything's moving across the screen quickly. While 60 FPS is certainly better than 30 FPS, 120+ is when you're actually getting into the "smooth as butter" experience. Even at 144 FPS, there is still some stutter if you're really looking for it (it's been documented that we can see 220+ FPS) but beyond 120 FPS, we're getting into more "realistic" and "fluid" movement on the screen.

Also, there are microstutters, and even "megastutters" (1-2 second freezes) that are caused by other hardware issues.

Anyone claiming they're running any of the major titles (especially Project CARS and Dirt Rally) on triple 4K monitors at 60Hz need to provide...

1. Frames-per-second (FPS) of each title, including examples of when one car is on screen versus a dozen or more.

2. Benchmark results for any titles that offer it (such as Dirt Rally)

3. A detailed list of the graphics settings they are using for each title that produce the reported FPS.

Also, go to this website and run this test, and report back what it shows you...

I have a SINGLE XR3501, 144Hz 2560x1080 monitor with the video source from an ASUS STRIX GTX 970 4GB.

For Dirt Rally, I have almost every setting on medium, a couple on low, and one or two things turned off. On the benchmark test, I'm getting about 57 average FPS, which is a shame because I really need 144 FPS or higher. At the current settings, Dirt Rally still looks pretty good, but I'm not going to cut back the settings any more than I have.

Project CARS is another, and I've had to cut back quite a few settings to reach 80 FPS.

The titles I'm satisfied with...

For iRacing, I'm running on "maximum" settings, and can maintain 140-160 FPS.

For Assetto Corsa, It's running at about medium-high settings, and I'm getting about 120-140 FPS.

Automobilista can maintain 120+ FPS at about medium-high settings.

Running triple 4K monitors or TV requires your GPU to push 11,520 x 2160 pixels. That's TWELVE times the amount of pixels required for a 1920 x 1080 display.

If someone claims they can get 60 FPS on TRIPLE 4K monitors or TVs with better than low graphics settings, especially with Dirt Rally or PCARS, then PLEASE share with us what type of time travel device you used to get your three GTX ULTRA 9 Trillion X TITAN Ti video cards from the future.


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