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Can I use G25 pedals and shifter with G920 wheel

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Bought G920 when on special offer in UK after my trusty G25 wheel stopped working (pedals still work).

Have got it working on pc after a fashion.  In the past had been playing Project Cars, GT Legends and GTR2.

Seems to work best with Project Cars but on other 2 games the stiffness of the brake pedal makes means I struggle to keep up with other cars.  Can I use my G25 pedals instead?  I've never used the shifter much but will the G25 one work with G920?

I also have Asseto Corsa but have been unable to get either G920 or G25 before it working to my satisfaction.  I don't like heavy force feedback but on AC, wheel throbs and vibrates from get go.  How do I turn FF effect down or even off?  Also on AC, car always seems to under steer as in not making the corners.  How do I reduce the amount of input needed to make the wheel turn?

FF on Project Cars is workable for me.  Don't mind a bit of resistance and then some graunching when u get a wheel onto the kerb.

My operating system is Windows 7

Advise and help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Hello, the pedals must work plug n play, but you can try it and say. If by any reason they don`t work - just open and remove the rubber from the brake pedal. It will become same as G25 then. For the shifter - G27 shifter works on G29, but G25 I am not sure , because G25 shifter dont work on G27 wheel. So G29 I doubt will be multy accepting shifter wheel:) But you can try it ,too. Don`t worry you will not harm the wheel with the tests.



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