Modified CSP V2 - Hydraulic Brake and BMW e46 Throttle
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I take no credit for this idea as I was inspired by BMRMAN103 over at gtplanet ( to modify my Fanatec CSP V2 and IMO create something amazing. The build itself wasn’t that difficult and I probably spent around $200 CAD in parts. I used my Obutto R3volution’s frame to mount the aluminum rod for the pedals. I used one of the Fanatec rods for the bottom of the clutch and master cylinder mount. Here is a list of the parts, pictures of the build and some notes for anyone interested in doing the same thing.




-      260-2636 Willwood Master Cylinder (Mopac Auto Supply or Amazon)


-      260-1333 Clutch slave cylinder (Mopac Auto Supply or Amazon)


-      259160-10 BMW Gas Pedal (Local auto wrecker or Ebay) (try to find with the pig tail and backing plate)


-      Brass Female Pipe Tee 1/8” FPT (local auto parts supply)


-      Brass Pipe Close Nipple 1/8" Male (local auto parts supply)


-      Domestic Poly-Armour PVF Steel Brake Line 3/16 x 12 (local auto parts supply)


-      Micro Mini. ZH 1.5 4-Pin JST Connector with Wire (Ebay)


-      9milelake Stainless Steel 1000 PSI Pressure Transducer or Sender for Oil,fuel,air,water (Amazon) (you can also get a much better quality sensor from HPP, but you will spending a lot more ( ). The one I bought works great… no issues


-      Sunroadway® Fuel Brake Foot Rest MT Pedals For BMW 3 Series 1 Series X1 M3 E39 E30 E36 E46 E87 E84 E90 E91 E92 E93 Z3 Z4 (Amazon)


-      iNewcow BMW Car Multimedia Speaker Button Key 3M Sticker Auto Key Decals (Diameters 29MM) (Amazon)


-      Shorty's Red Doh-Doh Bushings (100a, 98a, 95a, 92a, 90a) (Amazon or Local Skate Shop)


-      Bear Barrel 82.5a bushings (Local Skate Shop)


-      5/8” x 36” Aluminum Rod (Home Depot)


-      3/4” x 36” Aluminum Tube (Home Depot)


-      Everbilt 1-1/2 in. x 14-Gauge x 36 in. Zinc-Plated Slotted Angle (Home Depot)


-      Dot 3 Brake fluid (Local auto parts store)


-      Various parts for the Home Depot to mount the Master Cylinder (you will need to get creative).




Refer to the pictures to see how I mounted the various parts, but here are some notes on the build.


-      BMW Gas Pedal wires directly to the Fanatec PCB


-      Pressure sensor (for the brake) wires directly to the Fanatec PCB (sensitivity POT still works).


-      All wires will need to be extended depending on where you mount the PCB. I simply used CAT 5 cable and some shrink tubing for the extensions.


-      Bleeding the Master and Slave can be a little tricky. Start by filling the master, press on the pedal (hold), open the bleed on the slave (pedal will push forward), hold pedal in place and close the bleed on the slave. Repeat this process until you get a steady stream coming from the bleed. Now push in the slave cylinder (hold), press on the pedal (hold), open the bleed on the slave (pedal will push forward), hold both pedal and slave in place and close the bleed on the slave. Repeat this process until you have steady stream. Finally push on the slave (with the master cap open) and make sure you get out any air bubbles… do this slowly as brake fluid will go everywhere. If you need pointers, YouTube is your friend!


-      The Doh-Doh Bushings can be put in any order you want. Play around with the different density to find the combination that works best for you (that progressive feel).


The pictures will show what wires to hook up and the general build with the Obutto R3volution, but if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but this obviously voids you warranty (not that you still have one with the V2’s) and I take no responsibility if you attempt to do this yourself.










Pedals Complete.jpg

Pedlas Early.jpg

Pedals Side View.jpg

Pedal on Obutto Plate.jpg

Master Mounted.jpg


PCB Mounted.jpg


BMW Pedal.jpg

BMW Wiring.jpg

Pressure Sensor.jpg

Presure Sensor Wiring.jpg


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Had the wiring wrong in one of the photos - Fixed

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Omg man omg,Yesterday I start to think about that,how mount hydraulic on my CSP V2,I was thinking about some RC parts but this is just wow.This is graet man.I want just simple hydraulic,without BMW just because is simplier not because is not nice.So I must search here what parts I need just for that.Thank you for share this

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Thanks :) I love the way the new pedals feel. I do recommend changing the accelerator to the BMW pedal if you can... it's so much nicer than the Fanatec pedal and I don't run into problems with the sensor (plus it doesn't squeek!).

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