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Spaces available for our 100% Full Simn F1 championship

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At UKOG UK Online Gaming - Home We have been holding online racing championships successfully for over 5 years. In March we are embarking on a full 100% F1 championship using F1 2010 and following as closely as possible the 2011 season.

This championship is being held on both XBox and PS3 however since GT5's release interest in F1 has dwindled somewhat (In know I know but there's no accounting for taste is there! LOL)

To that end we will welcome drivers from either platform but are particularly interested in filling our PS3 Lobby (XBox currently has 14Players signed up-----PS3 has 4!)

To enter please follow the link to our forum and sign up, to be activated as a racing member you will need to have raced online with an admin member just to make sure you like how we operate and that you are a clean racer yourself.

Championship details below.



The season will progress following the Official 2011 Calendar. Starting in Bahrain and finishing in Brazil at the awesome Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.

Since the scheduled Indian Grand Prix is not featured in the F1 2010 Game we will use this as our mid season break, using the official FIA mid season break to catch up on races.

Each race will take place 1 week to 3 weeks after it's real life counterpart depending on whether there is a 1 week gap or 2 week gap between races.

The Schedule is as follows: FIA DATES ARE RED UKOG ARE GREEN

  • [*:389aza0x]Bahrain (Sakhir) 13-03-2011 20-03-2011

    [*:389aza0x]Australia (Melbourne) 27-03-2011 03-04-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 10-04-2011 24-04-2011
    [*:389aza0x]China (Shanghai) 17-04-2011 01-05-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Turkey (Istanbul) 08-05-2011 15-05-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Spain (Catalunya) 22-05-2011 05-06-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Monaco (Monte Carlo) 29-05-2011 19-06-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Canada (Montreal) 12-06-2011 03-07-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Europe (Valencia) 26-06-2011 17-07-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Great Britain (Silverstone) 10-07-2011 07-08-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Germany (Nürburgring) 24-07-2011 14-08-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Hungary (Budapest) 31-07-2011 21-08-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps) 28-08-2011 04-09-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Italy (Monza) 11-09-2011 18-09-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Singapore (Singapore) 25-09-2011 02-10-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Japan (Suzuka) 09-10-2011 23-10-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Korea (Yeongam) 16-10-2011 06-11-2011
    [*:389aza0x]India (Delhi) 30-10-2011 (NONE ROUND)
    [*:389aza0x]Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina Circuit) 13-11-2011 20-11-2011
    [*:389aza0x]Brazil (Sao Paulo) 27-11-2011 04-12-2011

The respective championship winners of the 2010 Sprint Series on PS3 and XBOX will have out right choice of which car they would like to drive for the 2011 Championship.

All cars will be set to Equal.

Race Format:


No Assists

No Race Line

Gearbox Automatic or Manual

Pit Limiter Manual

Pit Controul Manual

Flag Rules FULL


Tyre wear & Fuel ON


Points will follow the FIA standard points system which is:

1ST 25

2ND 18

3RD 15

4TH 12

5TH 10

6TH 8

7TH 6

8TH 4

9TH 2

10TH 1

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