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RCC Online League (HUN) - Street Racing Cup - Registration

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Hello! My name is Daniel M. and I'm a transitional league leader in the RCC. It's a hungarian Rfactor league. I'm very pleasent to tell you: We opening a new championship, named Street Racing League.
We search members to our championship.

We play with the mod BMW M3 E46 from the Pitlane web page.
10 Street tracks from the world, everywhere 2 races.
The first event will be in Camberra, Australia, in 16th of February.
We will broadcast every event in a hungarian simulator channel, NXTV, with an english and hungarian commentating.
The opening practice race begins in 16th of February, 17:00 UTC+1 
Time trial: 15 minutes
1st race: 30 minutes Grid from the time trial.
2nd race: 30 min. Grid reversed from the 1st race finish, but only the members, who completed the race.
Points of every races:
1st:15p, 2nd:12p, 3rd:9p, 4th:7p, 5th:5p, 6th:3p, 7th:2p, 8th:1p

our Facebook-groups:

If you have any questions, send it to me on Facebook. My name is Daniel Metercsik. See you soon in our Race!

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