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Impressed by GT6 (versus GT5)

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So, well, what I've done in the last few days:
-Deleting my Gran Turismo 5 save.

-Playing Gran Turismo 5 telling myself it was "preparation" for Gran Turismo 6.

-Thinking I could import my (new) GT5 garage in GT6... I was wrong, but whatever.

-I installed Gran Turismo 6 yesterday. (Oh, by the way: "256mb needed" is written on the disk. Nice... But THERE'S 15gb of PATCHES!) :shock:

Edit: there's a HUGE bug, because even after making 15gb of free space necessary for installation... I have 12GB free.

Anyway, after playing for some hours, I'm really impressed with the game. It really has changed, it's a different physics engine and it really feels like it, and it's really true that "responsiveness" is what was missing in GT5, and what defines GT6.

Everything in GT5 was "muddy, artificially slowed, artificially easy". Basically, physics were slow. Still, I thought it was somewhat "believable". Well, I was wrong.

Cockpit: Even the effing cockpit was laggy in Gran Turismo 5, therefore all the beautiful interiors were worthless because driving while seeing them meant... well, turning late for corners. Not a problem anymore.

Tires: They partnered with a tire company for GT6, and it shows. Gran Turismo 5, whatever the cars, was an understeer fest, unless you installed (unrealistic) racing tires. Whatever the car/tires, grip was a "muddy" on/off switch. You lost control in GT5? You lost it for the 5 next seconds. "Slowly". Say hello to the wall/grass/etc. "Slowly".

Brakes: You don't need to set ABS to 1 anymore to have a realistic experience. ABS OFF is the way to go, you can now use the brakes to throw the car in the corners. Some AI braked in front of you in GT5? Too late, just say hello to their bumper. Always. Now you actually can hit the brakes, and the brakes work.

Torque: I've tried FF, MR, and AWD cars. Now, they all feel like they should. You can put the throttle to the floor in a FF car to stay on the road. You will drift uncontrollably with a MR Lotus Elise. You can use the torque and weight transfer and do the "scandinavian flick".

Force feedback: You now feel it in the steering wheel when you lose grip, or, rather, you stop feeling it. No grip, no steering feel.

Grass, etc: Grass doesn't feel like ice anymore. It's grass, it's earth, it's rocks, therefore it grips. I've just done some off-road with a WRX STI, passing AI (...and some unwanted off-road at Willow Springs.)

All this talk about scandinavian flick and off-road grip, and I haven't tried rally yet. I think I'll like it.

Yup, those who know me know I hated Gran Turismo 5 (...and that's coming from a guy with a Shift 2: Unleashed avatar). I was starting to like it, but I guess I won't touch it again. Because I'm pretty sure the next 250-300hp FR car I buy in GT6 will be as fun and as alive as the GT5's Corvette ZR1. Guess I'll change my avatar soon.

TL,DR: Now you actually can hit the brakes, and the brakes work. You can hit the gas, and torque works. You can turn, as fast as you want to. If you lose grip, you'll feel it in the steering wheel. You can scandinavian flick an MR or AWD, but not a FF. You can brake into corners, and the tire sidewalls will help you turn. And you can, and will lose control if you want to have fun. Yup, basically never lost control in GT5 telling myself "it was my fault". Now I know what happened and why. And you do not need to buy a 900hp car to feel all this. I still don't have a car with 250hp and the 3-4 cars I have (all stock) all feel as alive as the 500+hp modified cars in GT5. I mean, man, it reminds me of the Live for speed demo. If you don't mind the 15gb download -- yup, 15gb of patches despite the fact you bought the disk! -- go for it.

P.S.: There's nitro, now.
Also, I love the "car left/car right" warning light. It was really needed (also the only "driving aid" I use... if you can call it that).

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They also fixed a strange thing that happened in GT5. You were about to pass AI, thinking something like "I got 6 inches left before I hit the rear bumper" and *thud*. Now they somehow changed that and you really have 6 inches left, and this perception is correct, you won't hit their bumper even with the 10ft long S2000 hood. :cool:

(Oh, and since responsiveness is excellent, you can turn the steering fast for a last-millisecond manoeuver, and you won't hit the bumper.)

Edit: For the rest, I was wrong, there's no challenge except at the beginner level. AIs with ZR1s are just beginners with ZR1s, sadly.

Finally, I've found out that whatever the car you have, you'll still have competition. I mean, for now, cheap, beginner-friendly competition. But basically, if you take an overpowered car to a race, AI will still fight. And if you take the Scion FR-S at a 500-550PP race, you won't be left behind, AI will act accordingly, AI cars will be chosen accordingly, I think (and you'll get a trophy for finishing first with a car with -50PP!).

So, "Let's take this car and finish one lap before them" or "I'm 30 seconds behind, I should have taken another car", doesn't exist in GT6. There was too much "open" races in GT5 allowing you to either take a Mazda 787B against Civics, or putting 20 000$ super-unrealistic-racing-slicks on your civic. Not anymore. So, yeah, it's racing now, always. Sure, you can win 6-7 digits by doing special events, you may feel like it was too much, but you'll never feel like it was cheating.

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I haven't played GT5 or 6 in a long time, but GT5 is what made me take the plunge and buy a wheel a few years ago.  I had lots of fun with my Logitech DFGT in GT5, and when GT6 came out I bought a G27 and played the game until I earned a Platinum trophy in the achievements (many, many, many hours LOL).


Looks like I need to revisit GT6 (I'm bored with Project Cars on my PS4 anyways).  It probably plays even better now that I have a T300 wheel and a load cell brake pedal these days :) .  Might even be worth picking up two used PS3's now that they are probably dirt cheap and playing it on triple screens.


Glad to see someone with a mostly positive review of the game.  I know it is probably rubbish compared to the PC titles most people on this forum play, but for a console game I honestly always thought the series was good.  My only real gripe with the game was the lack of cars with detailed interiors.  It is very painful to play with a wheel without a decent cockpit view.

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On 2016-01-13 at 1:25 PM, ShredGuitarKev said:

My only real gripe with the game was the lack of cars with detailed interiors.  It is very painful to play with a wheel without a decent cockpit view.

Here's a list of the 474 "Premium" (with interior) cars in GT6!

Heh, everytime I win a car without interior I just sell it or else "delete" it (sometimes you can't sell it). Yup, I've even deleted the free Vision GT Mercedes-benz.

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Oh, and by the way, I was wrong about the "challenge" and the "It's always racing" part... :???:

Seems like you can have fun only in the beginner category with a big amount of cars (I mean, 50PP more or 50PP less than AI). But otherwise, after a few days of playing, even when there's always PP limit and tire category limit (and "No nitrous", etc), you find one car you like for a 500PP race and sometimes you finish 30 seconds before the 2nd... Like in GT5. Sad.

Basically the AI is always stuck at "beginner" level, either with a Focus or a Corvette ZR1. Seems like the AI acts like "if the tires squeal, then slow down"... but for players tire squealing is 50% of this game, heh.

Anyway, there's never a minimum PP limit so! I'll limit myself to -50 or -100PP from now on.

Also, for tires, that's what I do:

  • 100hp/100nm torque = Comfort/hard.
  • 200hp/torque = Comfort/medium.
  • 300hp/torque = Comfort/soft.
  • 400hp/torque = Sport/hard.
  • 500hp/torque = Sport/medium.
  • 600hp/torque = Sport/soft (those feel a bit like Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 or whatever they're called anyway.)

Racing tires? Never. They're glue (Unless needed, maybe for endurance, I'll see).

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