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This topic is ancient in Internet times, yet it seems changing the appearance on these forums is still not saved. The default width is 90% which really hurts the overall composition of the layout. Change it to 100% in the appearance and hit save, and it widens it out to passable looking (which of course gets rid of the side ads....), but if you go to a different page, hit refresh, or anything, it just overrides that setting.

I understand wanting to have ads visible, but if it damages the look of the layout, it isn't worth it. I'd recommend reworking the design of the forums so that you can accommodate the ad space while not letting the place where users want to read content suffer.

p.s. if I want to get notified of replies to this thread, I can't tell what is "enabled" between the colors "purple" and "green". I'm assuming "to the right" means enabled? I'd stick with a gray color for disabled, and then whatever you want for enabled.

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