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How To Mod NFS Shift

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and maybe a "how to" for the mods. I never did get it to work right myself

I have Windows 7, XP should be ‘about’ the same. This looks like a lot of stuff to do but I did it in about 2 hours but I backed up the NFSS directory twice which you don’t have to do but I mention why I did below.

The below steps are assuming you have a saved profile and ran a race. (profiles do not get deleted when you uninstall NFSS. If you have a good profile it is always wise to make a backup for safe keeping)

1. Create a new folder on your pc and name it anything you like. This will hold any downloads you do for NFSS. I named mine NFSS_Files.

2. Make sure you are administrator on the pc (when I installed Windows 7 I disabled UAC so if you have Win 7 and/or if UAC is enabled, disable it).

3. Do a fresh install of NFSS and patch it 1.2. Make sure you can launch the game and get into a race. TAKE THIS NEXT STEP IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH HARD DRIVE SPACE AND PATIENTS: Assuming the game launches properly I would make a copy of the whole NFSS directory and put .packed after the name so you have a good working copy if needed. If you do this step you can place it into the NFSS_Files folder.

4. Go to the NFSS directory (the main folder that holds all of the installed files for NFSS) and right click on it and de-select read only (depending on your OS depends on what you see when you hit apply after de-selecting read only).

5. Go to the NFSS download area at NoGrip and download New BFF tools with auto unpacker. Unzip it into your NFSS directory. Once it is unzipped there will be 4 new files, quickbms.exe,, shiftunpack.bat and a readme txt file.

6. Launch the shiftunpack.bat. A dos (black) window will appear saying “please wait” or something like that. This process is called unpacking and it will take 30-40 mins. Once it is done the dos box will say “press any key to continue”. You should then see a whole bunch of new folders in the NFSS directory.

7. Go to the NFSS shortcut icon, right click on it and add -loose at the end of the TARGET path. It should look like …Need for Speed SHIFT\SHIFT.exe" -loose

8. Launch the game with the modified icon to make sure it works. If it works I would make a backup of the NFSS directory and add .unpacked to it so now you have a good clean unpacked backup. If you do not make the backup mentioned in step 3 it would be wise to do this one so you don’t have to unpack again if needed.

9. Download the mod enabler here: ... jsgme.html and place it into your NFSS directory and launch the install from there. This program allows you to install and uninstall different mods easily. There is a readme txt file in the 1.45 beta folder that gives details about that.

10. Download the 1.45 beta here: . I placed it in my NFSS_Files directory I created earlier. Unzip it and follow the readme txt to install the mods.

11. Make sure you read all of the readme to set up your wheel properly.

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I haven't played the original in a while now, but I can say that I love this game with the basic mods.

Obviously I got it going, can't even remember what I'd done wrong now. LOL

If this thing was nothing but turning laps on the Nordschleife in a BMW M3 GT2, it would still rank up there as one of my top favorites.

I think I've got the Overhaul Mod v2 and Juls handling mod IIRC. Blows Shift 2 away IMO, as well as any other version of the Nord. that I've seen.

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