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CityLiga 8 hours of Fern Bay

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Dear SimRacers and LFS community,
as the highlight of Cityliga season 21 we are going to do another endurance race. This will be an eight hour race on Fern Bay Black Alternative (FE41) with the GTIs and TBOs open for everyone. It will take place on the 12th December 2015, eight years after the current physics were introduced to LFS. We would like to invite all LFS drivers, teams and generally everyone who's been waiting for another endurance race for some time now. No matter how old, experience or quick you are, you don't even have to have taken part in Cityliga before to be welcome here! All informations and additional threads (skins, qualifying, ...) will be added gradually, so keep this post bookmarked as your main source of informations about the event.

Rules: please read & understand the rules LINK
Track: Fern Bay Black Alternative (FE41x) (Download Layout)
Cars: GTI - XFG + XRG[+30kg] | TBO - FXO[+4%] + XRT + RB4
Qualifying: 4th December 0:00 CET - 10th December 23:59 CET 2015
Race: 12th December 2015 15:00 CET (14:00 UTC)


For practice purpose we provide a server:
CityLiga Grid 3
password: city8Hliga

If there are any practice races, they will be anounced here.

Feel free to ask here if something is unclear or unknown to you.

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