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Trucking Sim Cockpit for Upcoming Game

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Hi there, I work for a truck driving school in Commerce City, CO.  We have a really nice trucking simulator on campus that we use to train our students in scenarios that would be unsafe to put them in real life as well as teach simple techniques like shifting and backing.

We are really excited about the upcoming sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 2, called American Truck Simulator.  We have seen lots of interesting diy sims but anytime you see a video or blog post the builder never really shows or explains how they made it.  There currently does not exist any type of controllers for these types of games that are trucking style, example being big wheel with feedback system, truck pedals including the style of clutch, and a shifter that you can you can shift through up to 18 gears if needed.

You would definitely win the internet if you could come up with a solution to this problem.  We would be implementing and building several of these at our school especially to teach simple shifting techniques as well as mountain driving, etc.

I have included some research as well as any extra data to help you on your mission if you choose to accept.  haha

- the new game itself - American Truck Simulator on Steam -

- The Euro version of the game - Save 80% on Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam -

- two guys that have made a diy sim but don't really share the knowledge



- two options for the shifter, used in the diy sims above

   - ThrustMaster TH8 shifter

   - Logitech G27 shifter

- ideas / options for the wheel

   - there are no companies that produce feedback wheels for trucking, but there are some great steering wheels for car racing games such as the Logitech G27.  There are, however, steering wheel systems that you can change the steering wheel on like the Thrustmaster T300 racing wheel servo base( that could be used with a custom wheel.  Just need to create an adapter to make it work.

- Pedals

   - The pedals would be the hardest part actually because the clutches on semi trucks work a bit differently.  Also, there are many more gears to go through as well but that part can and has been solved - see my shifter notes above.  Back to the clutch though.  When shifting a big rig through the gears, you aren't supposed to push the clutch all the way in because that will activate a part of the clutch system called a clutch brake which is used to stop the clutch from spinning when the truck is stopped in order to get it into 1st gear.  You also do what's called double-clutching(see video links below). So, ideally, if the sim software could detect if the clutch is only a little depressed vs fully depressed to activate a clutch brake then great.  If the software only detects if a clutch was pushed in or not, then the only focus would be just getting the movement and experience as close to pushing in a real truck clutch and not a tiny pedal like they have for racing games - example here -

   - Here some of our videos on how to shift in a big rig that we teach with our current sim.

      - Micro Lesson The Clutch Brake -

      - Shifting by RPM-Micro Lesson -

      - Micro Lesson-The Rhythm of Shifting -

      - Learn to Double Clutch with a Balloon-Micro lesson -

- other

   - in case you would like to collaborate with some fellow hardware hackers you could get in touch with the dudes over at The Ben Heck Show ( ). I bet they would love to get in on something like this and I think they have the electronics and 3D knowledge that could help you with some really cool solutions.  Might make for a perfect storm.  I also posted this as an idea to their show and mentioned having them collab with you guys too.  That would be so awesome to see you guys work together on something like this.

Anyways, we would be more than willing to fund some of the costs involved with acquiring the components needed to get this thing going.  Thanks for your time and consideration.

Ray James - CDL College

[email protected]

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cool project you guys are working on.  i started to build a dash mostly around euro truck sim 2, i have been slowly buying dash buttons (i can't find the one for the park break, an the other red one forget off the top of my head), a turn signal switch, and gauges from glow shift (i know not authentic but cool).  now that i figured out the electrical part i just need to find a way to attach all of it!  


anyways for the wheel derek sprees makes an adaptor that will fit the t300 rs, this fits a 70mm bolt pattern.  then you can add a wheel like this  i know nrg makes a quick release system that will bring the wheel closer to you.  its possible to make a custom wheel, like adding buttons, shifters, displays etc.  my other thoughts for a wheel is the auccforce i think their software is very customizable and they have profile setup for euro truck sim 2.  i think users avenga76 would know for sure he has one and plays a lot or used to.  


i have the th8a and plan on using one of the buttons on my wheel as a gear change, otherwise i would run a cable from my button box, to a micro switch mounted on my shifter to give it that more authentic feel.  as far as the clutch goes the pressure might be something that is written into the code by scs, you can try asking them directly and maybe they will get back to you.



symprojects makes some excellent control boards, the pro gauge can support gauges and the dlc 247, can control 7 segmented displays.  derek sprees also make control boards in various sizes for button boxes, he also sells button boxes too if you didn't want to diy.  ok ramble over back to looking at cpu hardware deals for black friday, good luck with build!

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