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Problem with G920, need help. *fixed*

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So, I wanted to get back into simracing, having had a fairly poor first start at it some years ago and just bought the G920 from Logitech to get started. 
I soon ran into some problems though. 

There seemed to be a problem where windows wouldn't read the drivers for the wheel, so I couldn't use it and the only solution I found was to restart the computer, press F8 and switch off "enforced driver some-thing-or-other" and it worked fine, the wheel worked. 

Problem is now that when I try to play iRacing, it tells me it won't run because it needs the enforced driver-thing (sorry, I'm not that good with computers) on for it's anti-cheat. 

I'm at a loss here, I mainly wanted to play iRacing but it seems I can't with this current "fix" for the driver problem and even though I've tried googling it, I haven't come across others with the same problem. 

I know it's not the best explination for my problem, but I hope someone here can help me out so I can get into iRacing!

*fixed: turns out updating to windows 10 solved the problem.

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