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Handicapable G27 MOD

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I remember seeing somewhere, someone on here made a modified wheel for hand controls for lack of leg use.


We have a new member @ looking for some hand controls in the order of:


Progressive Accelerator in place of paddle shifter

Progressive brake in place of paddle shifter


Front mounted, up and down shift buttons in reach of thumbs.


The wheel he is looking at modifying is a G27.


Is there anyone on here capable or interested in quoting and carrying out above listed mods? (remember we are in Australia)

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Hi Clevohead, Sam Maxwell was kind enough to make a few of these wheels.

The posts are on the iRacing forum. I think he adapted his F1 style 4 paddle setup... To support accelerator, brake and gears...

Good recommendation.

A bit late to the party, but a popular budget solution would be to adapt a SimRaceway SRW-S1 to the G27. It's not a great wheel, but it works. Actually it quite nice considering the low price these days.

Here's some info on using the SRW-S1:

  • There's a few DIY projects including my (somewhat armature) YouTube video I also talk a little bit about the SRW too if you don't fall asleep ;) 
  • There's the high quality (and expensive) quick change by Simulaje / Juan Zapata (ISRTV did a review of this too)
  • I make a budget adapter available at It's not a quick change, but it does the job.

If he's looking for more of a traditional wheel. I've recently begun making a "360 degree" ring hand control for G27 and T300/TX wheels. More info at

Hope this helps and let him know he can contact me anytime with questions. Even if it's to get him setup with someone else's solution. The goal is to get him and others racing

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Hi Clevohead,

Your raceonoz member contacted me a couple months ago and I got him setup with hand controls for his G27. Because he is using a PS3, the SRW-S1 wouldn't work so we had to emulate the stock G27 pedals as hand controls. He received the unit this last weekend, got it installed on his G27, and so far it sounds like everything is working out great for him. He's great to work with and giving me feedback so I can continue developing and improving these controls. Thanks for looking out for him. It's a great community.



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