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HELP with Multi screen setup

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Hi All

I'm have major brain burn at the mo trying to get Forza to work on my 3 screens.

I have 2 Xbox 250 gig slims, a 4gig slim and an original elite 120gig. No matter what configuration of xboxs I use I cant get 3 to connect. I always get one as connecting!!! I have tried every channel available etc etc

They are all hardwired via a hub, all are connect to xbox live!!!.

HELP as I just dont know what I am doing wrong!!!!!!!



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Setup Forza 3 last weekend on my 3 screens. Can't believe you have to do the first race to get to the menu options!

Ensure you have the centre screen set to "HOST" and the left / right screens set to CLIENT mode, keep all on the same channel and make sure you BOOT (ie. Reset) the centre client at least 5 seconds before the others, in fact sometimes with Forza 2 I used to let the centre xbox / screen come up first and then turn the other 2 on. There has to be the delay or if they all start at the sametime they don't connect. (Guess speed they get their IP Address or something).

Hope this helps.

..and this..

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Thanks for that mgibbons I am in the same boat. Can't believe that Turn 10 doesn't have an online guide for this and that google is no help at all.

My setup has 1 elite for the centre (my main 360) and 2 pros that I just bought for the sides. They do not have HDDs so I will need 2 4GB sticks for them (right?). Luckily the pawn shop pays a guy to update and wipe all the consoles that come in so I know I am starting with a fresh console.

Sure looks like a lot of work but if I read that link correctly what you gotta do is

1. Own 3 IDENTICAL copies of the game. So since I got the LCE I need to buy 2 Platinum Ultimate Editions

2. Own 3 IDENTICAL monitors/HDTVs (seems silly, shouldn't they just need to be the same resolution?)

3. Boot up the game, install the 2nd disc content, play through the first race with the R8, go through the multiscreen setup.

4. repeat for each console

5. the centre is the host (with the game data on the HDD). The 2 sides are clients but will need some storage (USBs for me)

6. Migrate the Xbox live to each console so I can download any DLC so the DLC exists on all 3 consoles.

7. cross fingers and hope it works.

8. grab a beer

9. race like hell!

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