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Missing FFB/Rumble effects w/ CSW and CSP?

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I have a suspicion as to why I don't seem to be getting the full range of rumble and FFB but would like to get some second opinions on it.


I've got a Fanatec CSWv1 and CSPv2 and am running the XBOne hub.


The wheel has some FFB effects, they're not great but they're there.


However the pedals have no rumble at all, not the brake nor gas. I've plugged the CSP in directly and confirmed that the rumble effects are working.


At this point I can only assume the issue is that the CSWv1 base and/or the CSPv2s just lack the hardware to recognize and process the full range of rumble signals that the XBOne are sending out?


Or is there simply no brake/gas rumble effects to be had on the pedals at all unlike with the controllers and their myriad rumble effects?


It's a shame there'd no trade-in program for Fanatec hardware to trade up at a rebate...

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