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Very nice indeed, having had my 80-20 rig for over 12 years now, that has gone through so many modifications/readjustments, I fully support everyone using that

One thing I'd strongly advise you to get, unless you are the only person who'd ever drives it, is to get the seat rails, they work wonders on such a rig as I found out, esp if coupled with an adjustable angle of the seat's back, saved me from many hours of racing in discomfort. Cheap ones will always do well, like this one I used:

it's cheap but works wonders. You can bend the pull rod/bracket to adjust to your precise width of the rig btw

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That's an awesome rig!! Like Jason said, I like the PC being behind the monitors, I do something similar on my rig.


Also digging the shifter and handbrake, what's the story there?


Now that you've transitioned to PC racing what's your plan for pedals? Your wheel is actually not bad, pedals... yeah, not so much. :lol:

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thank you guys^^


@frapster: ive installed a slider under the seat... but posted no pic of it. think its not so interesting. the console (we say to it in germany) make it really more comfortable :smile:
hear a pic of it:



@dangerous dan: read lots of different diy instructions to build a H shifter but i wanted a SQ... after a sleepless night for research i draw a blueprint of the mechanics... as hinge i used a heavy duty M16 door angle (the sad thing is it have a bit of sideplay in it) and with a long M16 nut. the handbreake use the same layout. for the electronic ive used a nes controller with usb and soldered the wires to the dpad... the handbreak is wired to the nes pad in the shifter too.. over a removable 3.5 audio jack :grin: still works fine in my game but must usw joytokey for the cow assetto corsa -.-


here a pic of the shifter:



the internal of the handbrake:



the padels are a problem... moddet it very strong. bend the main spring a bit and installed a third spring for more progression... buts still a crappy piece of plastic :wink:


my master plan is to buy next month a TM T500RS and make the basherboard mod in the break and order a DSD adapter, to install a QSP 300mm suede rally wheel and make a custom buttonplate with a andurino chip :grin:

want to do a diy button for the right side behind my handbrake. but dont need the box atm... this is a far project...

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jeah thx but wrote with dan in another topic thats it is smarter to get first some good pedals like the clubsport v3... but i dont know what im doing now. wait for the new t300 pack and buy the pedals later or wait to november for the pedals and get the t300 later and sale the new t3pa pedals... questions over questions -.- but if this my biggest problem in live its ok xD

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to the first anniversary of my rig i spend him a new length adjustable pedal deck...

after many mods on the wheel and 10 times of readjust the stupid pedals im getting sick off it :-)

now its easy and cozy to adjust it new. even when several people or some friends want to drive its very nice ;-)

later this year i will add a 2dof system to my rig and may the seat will be fixed in one position. there is this mod good for it to.

here are the pics:





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here a little update after a long time and a move...

it have not changed that much... the most is detail work...
if you know my orher topics you still know the changes^^
still have no hydraulic handbrake and no 2dof motion but it will come ;-)











the next project is to replace the digital and build a hydraulic handbrake with an car caliper... will order on may the parts so it will be finish to the release of dirt 4:-)


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hi mates

here after a couple month a bigger update...

litte supplement: 2 month ago i build a full hydraulic hand brake with a real car caliper... if you want to know more check the DSD topic
here a some pics




now to the reason of my posting..

today i made a year after my last a new pedaldeck for my new (used) t3pa pro with load cell mod. its with pedals over 20 kilogramm... its still aluminium but it feels quite heavy metal ;-)


the brakemod with the beefy 50 kg load cell... it feel like another pedal deck! the springs in accelerator and clutch will be replaced to. there are way to light...



the ground idea of the deck



the plate to hold the pros



with the LC you put a lot of force to the angles... it has minimal play but the angle wil be replaced to an more stable one


the deck in test state

the heel plate is the old one. its funny that it fits perfect xD but it will be replaced to an diamond plate



mounted to the rig^^




hope you enjoyed it^^ and with my new pedals im really happy ;-)



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hi mates

here a small update:

the biggest change is that i have replaced my creepy old amd r7 260x to an nice geforce 1080 for the release of pcars2. the differance is enormusly!!! 2200 to 9100 Gflops^^

the most other things are small but nice to have. but here some pics^^



to stiffen the handbrake rail i made 2 custom plates. i find there are look preaty cool.



the handbrake is now finally finish with the reload 3d print under the handbarke and the finish arduino case with the 3.5 audio jack to plug in and out the shifter and brake. still to do is repaint the caliper at couple small paint defect.


of my old pedal deck i took the foot rest and bolted it on the new one and put a "cheating nitros turbo" button to it. its only for american truck simulator and ist the engine brake you can stamp on it^^


maybe i build someday a new heel plate made out of one big piece of aluminium sheet and make the foot rest a bit bigger.


the button is driven by a arduino pro micro like the handbrake (with the same scetch) and have the same case. but i need now for the blue loadcell adjustion and control light box a new place -.-


now the best at last: the little red button is for starting the pc. how many times i started the pc and would have to move around the rig^^ it is just the button soldered to a long cable with 2 arduino grove female jumper. its very easy to do thakes 30 min to build and is a real luxury!!! i will never miss it! for example you can build a Y adapter, so you use both case power and rig power button. hope you will copy it! its a must ;-)



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grrr i cant let it go!!! Fu**ing perfectionism i hate it!!! xD

over the last days i played a bit around with the pedal deck and made small changes and a couple of bad ass reinforcment sheets

the big on is a 5mm sheet for the screen stand and the smaller are more a ornament with 3mm...



the pedal deck is moved 4 cm up! so the space between my a** and den heels are around 5 cm in height. it feels better and the position is more a real gt car. the handle for the car seat slider is moved to the back... use it 3 time in a year... and the pedals moved a profile width to the left. the brake is now of center so i can brake better with my left foot ;-)





another great tweak is to raise the t3pa pro a couple cm up for a more natural position of the pedal faces... raised it 4 cm and now its fits much better my 10.5 us foot size^^ its a real improve so if you can do it give it a try ;-)



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after i heared of the early access overload i have instand mounted a removable joystick to the seat and a trottle on a stool to my rig and flying right now the most time... next month i will build a custom mounting solution for the thrustmaster hotas x where can easy can be removed and mounted with a couple of thumb screws...

here the temporary state


just 2 screws hold the stick. its fast to remove but it wiggle a bit around. the parts of the mount are left free for example the sheet is the old mounting plate of my first diy sq shifter and i used zip ties to hold the stick in place. its very rudimentary but for now its ok! i will keep you up to date ;-)


if you dont know the game and want to know more click here you can test it for free:


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hi folks.

here a little update after a half year... the hotas mount is still not finish (yes im lazy) but ive got a new "small" toy...

made some custom mount for the tm1638 display...



i really love the TM1638 with simhub!

and here is the display mounted on the small mige toy... the simucube with the 20 nm mige came yesturday from simracingbay and blown me way. its such a big differance between the t300 and a DD wheel :-)

will make bigger update with the new stuff... like the turbo gauge and mor pics of the OSW and the rims...



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like i sayed here are a couple pics of the simucube...



i love the new martini horn button so f**king much :-D it makes me minimal 1.5 sec per lap faster xD

and the new digital turbo gauge... its not bad and a fun project with simhub and a arduino nano^^ if you are intested look on youtube after amstudio turbo gauge.


one of the next changes are a little frame for the coolermaster case... i will just bolt a u frame on it and put some 90 angles on it that the cube can move noware...


the mounting is just termporary... it will be replaced with a 40 x 120mm or 40 x 160mm profil if i can find someware.

the QR is still the slimline... to change to the Q1R for 3 rims is a bit expenssive after buying an OSW and doing all the other rim mods and so in this mounth xD


the usb connector for the custom rims. it works great so far^^


the 2 custom rims are cabled now... i swaped the arduino nano for thustmaster bases to an arduino pro micro and reworked my handbrake sketch that it can handle 12 buttons to usb...

in the next time the thrustmaster f1 rim will be electricly adapted to usb too. my 3d printed adapter to 70mm bolt pattern is how it looks strong enough for the mige :-)


im looking forward to the next projects... i cant let the thought of the 2 dof seat mover go... its not so a pricey project except the freaking motors -.- may i to the wiper motor way first, but its double the work und its still, you get what you pay for...

a new triple setup with new screens would be nice to... but i think im still waiting for the release of the new 4k 40" tvs with native 100 hz technologie^^ bigger are now available but 50" plus in triple is a bit to big ;-) 

we will see what the time brings ;-)

cheerse guys

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yehaa!!! the profile for the wheel deck have arrived... it whas really hard to find -.- its a 40 x 160 mm with a 10 mm slot....the search was a couple emails and was phoning with 5 different shops XD the meter price of this is around 85€ o.O holy cow!!!

im waiting now for another order with some angles and other mounting stuff then i can make it finally finish :-D it gets fixed on 8 points so it cant move nowhere.


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today i finished my OSW mounting solution :-)

i build a little help frame and mounted 40 x 40 mm angles on it to mount the coolermaster case on it. so it cant move noware and you can pull the rig around the room and tinker and tweaking around so i dont have to watch the calbe cluttern ;-)

this small change took around 5 hours with go to the machineing factory to cut it, drilling, grinding work and mounting the stuff... the smallest things need the most time...




if you noticed it... its not very precice but it gets the job done... the upper right corner is the angle 2mm to long and i was to lazy to grind it down... have to do it if i have some day more energy...

the freecut is for the cables...


the osw stand with the brain^^



the is the new 40 x 160mm wheel deck mounted with 8 angles. 4 below and 4 on the side... the only thing now moves is the QR and this will be someday replayed with the buchfink Q1R.


still to do is another angle where i can put the usb connector for rim 4cm back. so that the calbe cant get in the pedals shifters by rapid steering movements...

anather nice thing is i can put alot of tuf on it like the gloves and maybe another peripherals...


bottom mount


the side mount. tilting impossible^^




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