Custom TH8A Shiftplates
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Sorry guys i thought i better point out that i'm not taking credit for those cool looking shift plates,,, those are from some nice chap on thingiverse,..


was just giving you guys a heads up, :)


but yep they are real cool ,,,,hats off to the fella that designed them,

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Hi guys,


I found a cool site to find a 3d printer in your neighborhood:


I found an amateur 4km from home and he printed the 6 speed short plate for 13euros, 5euros starting price + 8 euros of material (within 24h!)




It's rough, but the material is abs so with some grinding and acetone I should be able to finish it properly:




Some grinding and acetone vapors:




Now 2 options, more grinding but there's holes in the material, or plastidip/paint.






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