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(Ended) Dbox demo 3250i set w/seat 24 hr listing (ebay)

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Hope this is OK to post this here. If not I submit to a virtual flogging :)

My dealer emailed this 24hr Dbox listing to me. Thought it was a nice deal for anyone looking to get into Dbox on the low.

I have several of these chairs, some of which I scavenged just for the actuators, but the chairs themselves are built like tanks and nice on their own.

The 3250i kit retails for around 10k last I checked. Grab one (or 2 or 3!)of these for less than 5k, sell the chair to recoup some cost if you don't need it, and you should end up with a nice package for FAR less than just buying a 3250i kit retail.

Here is the link:

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